It was first noticed in Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh and Philadelphia media sites began to receive complaints from holiday bakers, perhaps since the kisses are made in Hershey, PA.

The iconic tips of O-U kosher certified Hershey’s Kisses were gone, not merely broken, but literaly missing.

Jeff Beckman, director of corporate communications for Hershey, and a leader of it “Crisis Core Team,” said, “There are a lot variables involved in food production, which creates the variability in how a finished product looks. [Hershey’s is] looking at how to tighten up the variability to deliver a better consumer experience.” Beckman, an alum of Levi Strauss and University of Iowa, did not share what variable was the primary culprit.

Was it a holiday grinch?
A wrapping machine?

or an errant mohel?

Hershey’s creates about seventy million kisses today. Even the busiest mohel would have difficulty keeping up with that much work.

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