If you were down and enraged after reading The New York Times Op-Ed maligning Hanukkah (by novelist Michael David Lukas, titled The Hypocrisy of Hanukkah), then you will be uplifted by the NYC HUMAN DREIDEL who is appearing throughout the city.

Jason Izen is a human dreidel who spins around NYC and is an internet sensation of the day.

His Instagram is WeAreAllOneBeing and he made a point to tell me that although he is of Jewish heritage and dresses as a dreidel, his message is not specific to the holiday, but that of bringing joy to the whole world and that all people are one, and should be united. A 41 year old Brooklyn based musician and spinner, he wants you to know that Joy is your birthright.

I will post pics of him in Rock Center at the tree later this afternoon. But for now…. here he is spinning.

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