There is a viral video online this week from a early 2018 Aeromexico advertisement campaign that tells the story of the air carrier’s discount program for people of Mexican heritage. (See Below)

The premise is that a video crew interviews residents of Wharton, Texas, all of whom have no interest in Mexico or visiting Mexico.

But when a “DNA” text shows that they have Mexican heritage, and AeroMexico will offer them a discount equal to this “DNA percentage,” some of their tunes change.

Note… I sense that the marketers are playing a little game of counting American heritage in Southwestern states that predate the Mexican American War as “Mexican” (when Texas and the Southwest were Mexico).

But … what if El Al were to offer discounts to Ben Gurion or Eilat to Europeans, residents of Turkey, and others who learned that DNA tests showed them have “Jewish” heritage? Could be quite a marketing coup. No?

The video won awards in early 2018
It was directed by: Rafa Martinez:
and produced by DHO Studios for Ogilvy.
DHO Studios LLC:

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