Every few months, for years, I receive a promotional mailing from an Orthodox Jewish group hosting a “Chinese Auction.”

And for years, I have responded to some of them that the term “Chinese Auction” is anachronistic, racist, offensive and grotesque, and one day it will come to bite them in their tushees,…
just ask the current Governor of Virginia.

Yet it persists.

Once I wrote to the student council of a famous brave high school yeshiva in Brooklyn. I thought it would be an exciting social action on their part it they brought some enlightenment or woke’ness to their school’s administration and changed the name of their event.

No response.

In terms of the problems in the world, this is less than minor.

Yet, after receiving the latest promo this week for a Chinese Auction for a Jewish group in New Jersey, I write this plea… that it is time to stop insulting people and offending groups. I am sure that if some group used the term “Jewish” to describe an event to denote backwardness, Orientalism, or mystery, that many in the Jewish community would be outraged. Maybe in 2019, things will change.

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  • It’s a shame that the extreme, far left wants to take away every day terms like “chinese auction” under the auspice of virtue signaling. Go find a new hobby and leave us alone!