Wow! I mean wow! This is one of the few times where I call BS on everyone. OK, so I always do that, but now especially. Will everyone out there just calm down already about everything?

Let me start with the position, which I think, will be the more popular one. For God’s sake, please stop comparing the roundup of illegals in America to the Holocaust, and stop comparing the camps to concentration camps. Seriously, are people being killed in them? Are there gas chambers and below starvation level rations? Can’t we find ways to decry what is being done without making such extreme and false comparisons, which only help to make the opposition to the government’s policy appear to be on the fringe while belittling what actually did happen in the Holocaust?

Would you believe that there is some sort of Jewish youth group in America protesting at ICE offices chanting “Never Again?” Well there is. Never again what? Never deport illegal immigrants again? Can we please all come back to reality for a change people?

That being said, can the other people stop pretending that there is nothing wrong going on here, that these camps are just fine, that these people somehow deserve this and most importantly stop saying that “Obama did it too.” President Obama assuredly did not do it too. When he was in office asylum seekers who were detained at the border were sent temporarily to detention. There were no mass roundups leading to problems with overcrowding. The people in these camps are suffering and it is wrong!

And on the matter of rounding up illegals, why hasn’t the President gone after all of those Asian massage parlors which seem to operate with impunity all over the country. Everyone knows that the women who work there are slaves who, while they may have wanted to come to America, never wanted to be prostitutes. Why won’t President Trump shut them all down by simply rounding up all of the women for deportation? This is how Israel finally solved its problem with human trafficking.

Such a policy would surely not be condemned by the left, and even be applauded by women’s rights activists. But it would be condemned by his super rich billionaire friends and supporters like Robert Kraft who for some reason patronize these places.

As for AOC etc., why are people paying them so much attention? Who are they anyway? We live in an era where the President is allowed to say whatever he wants about whomever he wants and his entire party excuses it for him. But when a Democrat or a liberal says something objectionable, no matter how irrelevant the person may be, then Donald Trump himself leads the charge.

Now, I am utterly confused and have lost track of all of Trump’s flip-flops. First, he tweeted that they should go back to where they came from. Then some Republicans understood enough to criticize this so Trump backtracked. Then he went to that rally where his people turned it into a mantra for his 2020 reelection campaign. Again, some sane people were shocked enough by seeing crowds chanting such horrible things that they got the President backed down — again. But wait! There’s more! By the weekend, the President reversed himself again and embraced the chant. My head hurts from just writing this down.

Let’s be clear here. I don’t like these four women any more than their detractors. They are only first term members of the house and yet the media keeps on talking about them. As a result, the media plays into their narcissism and makes them feel like they really do matter. So why is the media doing this?

It’s because the Republicans love to use the four as an example of how the Democrats have gone overboard to the left. As if there are not a hell of a lot more whackos on the right or that, the Republicans have not had their own problems with the “Tea Party” people since 2010. I even have a friend who kept on calling AOC the “leader of the Democratic Party.” WTF!

I do not think that just because someone criticizes Israel and its settlement policy that it makes him a hater of Israel or an anti-Semite. Saying that Israel should withdraw entirely from the West Bank – eventually – is to say the same thing as half of all Israelis believe. It is merely a question of to what extent, and whether or not Israel has a partner on the other side.

However, and let me make this perfectly clear, support of the DBS (Divest, Boycott, Sanction) movement against Israel is about hating Israel and not wanting it to even exist. Fact: the BDS is backed and funded by Arab countries and terrorist organizations.

But to state that they have no right to speak out in the way that they do, or that they have no standing to do so is absurd. They are duly and democratically, elected members of the Congress of the United States of America. What is most important to note here, however, is that saying, “go back to where you came from” is inherently racist. It always has been and always will be. And don’t pretend that you need me to explain why.

The Muslim women annoy the haters the most. Why? Because they are Muslim women. I have actually heard orthodox Jews mock them for wearing head coverings. So I guess then no Hassid or frum Jew in a black hat should ever run for Congress.

Now I do not even mention their names here for the reasons mentioned above. New members of the Congress need to learn the system, build relationships with people on both sides of the aisle, and respectfully wait their turn and build up enough seniority to reach their party’s leadership. Yes, of course each one is equal to the other 434 members of the House. But they exercise their equality with their votes. Exchange yay votes for favors in return and use nay votes against their party’s wishes to send a message. This has been the system for 240 years and no these four women will not change that just as the “Tea Party” people have effected no changes in the system in more than a decade of service.

Now what bothers me most about this whole thing is the very line, “back to where they came from.” It ends a sentence with a preposition, which, as a great man once said, is something up with which I shall not put. No matter what your politics, there is never any excuse for poor grammar. I mean if that is not an impeachable offense then I do not know what is. So let us all try to remember to say from now on (and not just in this instance) “back from where they came,” or maybe just, “go back home.”

That being said dear readers; I intend to continue to boldly go forward with my provocations, because it was beauty what killed the beast and me and my friends will continue to tell it like it aint.

About the author


Gil Tanenbaum made aliyah from New York after he completed college. He Has lived in Israel for over 20 years. He has an MBA from Bar Ilan University and is a contributor for various blogs.