This month, as the House of Representative debated impeachment and voted for two counts to impeach the (ImPotus/POTUS) President of the United States Donald J. Trump. The Washington Post dared to review store bought brands of HUMMUS. SABRA, which commands the majority unit volume market share in the United States lost, according to the WaPo’s HUMMUS KING to Costco’s Kirkland brand and TRADER JOE’s brand. Emily Heil dared to tweet that SABRA brand is the new BROWN M&M. She tweeted that some brands tasted like Pledge furniture polish and one had the texture of spackle. Of the eleven finalists, Tribe was rated #9, and Sabra #8. Cedar rated #6. Whole Foods tied with Boar’s Head for #3. BOAR’S HEAD? That should be a crime. Trader Joes rated #1, more for its texture than stellar taste.

And on to LATKE’s…

North American Jew’s with recent roots in Europe are fond of consuming potato pancakes fried in oil (or goose/poultry fat) during the eight days and nights of Hanukkah. Some report that they have roots in the salted ricotta cheese pancakes eaten by Italian Jewry since the 14th century, especially if your name is Judith (or Judah.. haMacabee). In the 16th century, after New World potatoes were cultivated in Europe and became a staple crop… potato latkes were born.

INA GARTEN (THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA) shared a recipe with the NBC TODAY SHOW HERE They also share an older recipe from Solomon Schecter and Yale rama grad, ADAM RICHMAN

That was at NBC.

Over at CBS, they called upon Israeli/Scandavian BREADS BAKER in MANHATTAN to share a recipe for LATKES, HERE
Also at CBS, SUNDAY morning asks JAYNE COHEN about LATKES

FAY AND YAKIR LEVY for the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER share recipes for corn or zucchini latkes with avocado, tomatoes, olives, yogurt, garlic, green onion, cilantro or hot sauce.

Sheryl Julian for THE BOSTON GLOBE shares what she says are latkes the EASY SIMPLE way.

ALY WALANSKY for FORBES asked ANDREW ZIMMERN for his Grandsmother’s Latke recipe… HERE. (Pictured above) Zimmern’s cologne of choice, supposedly, is an eau de fried potatoes and onions.

VEG NEWS’s TANYA FLINK reaches out to (or… umm.. profiles) some Jewish vegans and others HERE. Including Isa Chandra Moskowitz; Peter Singer; Mayim Bialik; Alicia Silverstone; Megan Tucker; Rabbi Schmuly Yanklowitz; and Natalie Portman.

SHE KNOWS shares recipes or mostly greetings from NATALIE PORTMAN, ANDY COHEN, Juliette Lewis, Dorit Kemsley, Nev Schulman, Amar’e Stoudemire, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, Josh Peck, Bryce Dallas Howard, and more. THEY CALL IT THE hOILadays instead of hOLIdays

THE NEW YOR LPOST went to the MILE END DELI .. the NYC Montreal Style establishment for their recipe HERE They have POUTINE LATKES abd for XMAS EVE they have triangular, Chinese scallion-pancake latkes, cut into eight triangular slices.

VERED GUTMAN for HAARETZ shares her own latke recipe after giving her own history of the foodstuff, quoting Rashi, who lived in Provence a couple centuries before my statement about Italian ricotta pancakes.

THE JEWISH NEWS OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA highlights a latke crust cheesecake with balsamic onions. Thank you Faith Kramer.

ASHIRA MINSKY (not to be confused with Tequila Minsky) has a PURPLE POTATO recipe HERE.


PEGGY GRODINSKY for READERS in CENTRAL MAINE features a recipe from the INDIAN JEWISH community HERE. (batata vada pav)

Also in Maine… Bangor… TEN APPLE FARM has a special recipe HERE from Margaret and Karl Hathaway and their magic taters.

SARAH AUSTIN for the CORNELL UNIVERSITY DAILY SUN has a RECIPE. Adele for the HARVARD GAZETTE shares a recipe HERE. As for University of (PENN APPETIT).. there is no recipe. Step up to the plate West Philly!

THE FORWARD goes for a sheet pan potato concoction. (which is a kugel, I think) and not a latke… Socialists!

Christina Holmes for FOOD AND WINE MAGAZINE says she found the BEST EVER LATKE RECIPE HERE (Let’s not mention the latest issue of FOOD & WINE which had the shrinmp topping on the latke or the beef and dairy topping)


BOBBY FLAY shares a recipe from LAURENCE HERE. called LAURENCE’s LATKES Laurence.. does a russet and yukon gold potato get rung or wrung?


April Lisante in Chestnut Hill shares a recipe from Susan and Dan Weiss

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