A few days ago, the hashtags of #JewishPrivilege, #Jewish Privelege (sic.), and #JewishPriveledge (sic.) trended online, as haters tried to piggyback on protest movement posts to pursue their own anti-Semitic agendas.

This is nothing new. Brilliant marketers try to leverage the zeitgeist to promote their products, and haters, hackers and flackers try to dip their beaks into mass movements for their own nefarious reasons.

No one should be surprised. Conspiracy theories abound about Jews for all tragic situations. And I wasn’t shocked when anti-Jewish speakers were given platforms for their hate speech at BLM and other rallies in June and July.

But just as K-Pop stans and fans shut down far right social media message adherents by promoting pop music links with the hashtags of the haters, Jewish celebrities and leaders were able to inundate the #JewishPrivilege hashtag, this week, with their own messages; and they helped to drown out and defuse the bigots. Their hate still festers, but at least fence-sitters received another POV.

Hen Mazzig of the Tel Aviv Institute posted on NBCnews.com that he helped to orchestrate the rebuttal on Twitter, after being angered by the “seemingly progressive Twitter users [who] soon piled on with false claims that Jews don’t face any discrimination, while also suggesting they are responsible for the discrimination and other ills many minorities face.”

Actor Josh Gad posted under the hashtag about the privilege his family experienced in Nazi death camps
Actress Sarah Silverman posted about her father being tormented as a kike.
Rapper WestsideGravy used satire and a rap about his check from George Soros and being a double agent for the Rothschilds
Lt Ashagar Araro, the founder of Bettae – Ethiopian Israeli Heritage Center, tweeted about the privilege of being murdered for being Jewish in Ethiopia.
RonyWiesel tweeted about growing up with a hidden stash of the family passports in case they had to flee at any moment
HKWeiss and DRichman tweeted of the privilege of having ancestors murdered
Bodybuilder M Lobliner tweeted out pride in people standing up to hate
skjask tweeted about her daughter using a death camp tattoo as a password.

Did it stop the hate?

Not really. It just diluted the trending temporarily. Haters are still going to hate. And I assume that like a virus, the hashtag will just mutate into another topic.

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