Sivivon, Sov Sov, Sov,
while the latkes, fry fry fry

Who posted new and exciting recipes for 2020?

Becky Krystal for The Washington Post put together eight recipes for 8 nights.

Quick Hanukkah Doughnuts
Classic Potato Latkes a la WaPo’s Olga Massov
Hash Brown Latkes With Caramelized Onion a la store bought pre-shredded potatoes
Cherry-Pecan Rugelach with cream cheese dough.
Wine-Braised Pot Roast
Bumuelos masquerading as beignets
Apple Cheddar Latkes
Roasted Apple-Aleppo (pepper) Yogurt Sauce (reminds you of the pain of Greco-Assyrians who passed through Halab)

The New York Times‘ Melissa Clark for A GOOD APPETITE (Btay Avon) column shares a recipe for a savory-sweet-crispy Yerushalmi kugel (Jerusalem kugel) with caramelized oil and sugar and sinus clearing black pepper. She adapts it from Adeena Sussman’s Sababa: Fresh, Sunny Flavors From My Israeli Kitchen (Avery, 2019). Ms. Sussman currently lives near the shuk in Tel Aviv and grew up in Palo Alto, California.

Also for The Times, Susan Spungen, one of America’s top food stylists and a Hamptons-based cookbook author of Open Kitchen: Inspired Food for Casual Gatherings (2020) put together four recipes for the “holidays” in The New York Times. One recipe is for Spice Rubbed Braised Brisket. One for a citrus confit. Another for Caramelized French Toast.

Joan Nathan, the Mattathias ha Maccabee of Jewish cuisine, shares in The New York Times the GENIUS METHOD for creating latkes It is inspired by the Nathaniel Wade’s Outermost Inn on Martha’s Vineyard’s potato rosti — crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. The most flavorful latke of her dreams, and she is known for vivid dreams. Wade learned the method at Misery Loves Co., a restaurant in Winooski, Vermont. Among Nathan’s books is King Solomon’s Table: A Culinary Exploration of Jewish Cooking from Around the World: A Cookbook (2017)

Marge Perry for NEWSDAY on Long Island, NY shares a latke recipe. She writes, “Latke-making is an act of love.” Perry is co-author of Hero Dinners: Complete One-Pan Meals That Save the Day (2019)

Niki David for THE SOUTHERN (Illinoisan) shares a latke recipe Here. It is titled LITTLE OILY THING.

JODY FEINBERG for the TIMES HERALD RECORD (Gannett) and the Patriot Ledger (Mass) has searched out some new recipes for Locke’s Brisket (2010 Brisket Bake-off at Temple Sinai of Sharon), Hanukkah Sufganiyot with Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, Various latkes from The Fireplace Restaurant in Brookline, and Tzimmes (from Maxie’s Deli in Stoughton)

TALIA LAKRiTZ (@NerdwithaVoice) for BUSINESS INSIDER created an investigative report where she compares latke recipes from Martha Stewart and Ina Garten. Of course, the butter ones come out tastier than the oil ones.. but then again… oil is the point. But butter too is a miracle in Ina’s hands. When not scrutinizing the Barefoot Contessa, Lakritz is a contributor to Monologues from the Makom: Intertwined Narratives of Sexuality, Gender, Body Image, and Jewish Identity

The COURIER JOURNAL in Louisville, Kentucky asked three area chefs about holiday recipes. Dana McMahan talked to Top Chef’s Sara Bradley of freight house in Paducah, Noam Bilitzer of Red Hog Restaurant, and Alexander Chack of Cold Smoke Bagels (Logan Street Market). Their recipes include ones for Winter Matzo Ball Soup; Roasted Groce Family Farm’s Chicken with Burnt Honey Glaze and Roasted Parsnip Tzimmes; and Traditional Chanukah Potato Latkes topped with Pastrami Spice Smoked Salmon and Mustard Dill Sauce

Colorado’s COWBOYS AND INDIANS (NATIVE INDIGENOUS AMERICANS) MAGAZINE went to Chef Daniel Asher of the RIVER AND WOODS restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, for his root vegetable, West of the Mississippi, Intermountain latke recipe HERE. Chef Asher, an Iowa grad, has a few eateries, including an Israeli cuisine one in Denver, Colorado: Ash’kara. If you visit him, bring him a bag of Bambas from Trader Joe’s

Zak The Baker for BON APPETIT magazine shares a recipe for Vegan Leek Latkes. Zak dips his in tzatziki that Greek Mint Yogurt mixture to show his control over Hellenistic influences.

Rob Eshman, a past publisher in LA, writing for The Forward shares his latke secrets. You can join him live online on Dec. 13 as he fries.

Speaking of the LA JEWISH JOURNAL, Erin Ben-Moche interviews the POTASH TWINS (Ezra and Adeev) who offer tips on Hanukkah cooking. The Takeout Twins of Omaha Nebraska are riding out the pandemic in Palm Springs. These hosts Bravo TV’s “Beats + Bites,” say to skip the Trader Joe’s latkes this year

ABC NEWS in the United States shoves a pickle in their latkes for 2020. Kelly McCarthy for GMA:Good Morning America checks out Amy Kritzer Becker (formerly of ranch dressing filled Austin, Texas), a flogger for What Jew Wanna Eat 0 Not Your Bubbe’s Blog and adds dill pickles and cayenne pepper when frying. (she now adds more Caribbean fare having moved to Puerto Rico)

Keri White for the JEWISH EXPONENT in Philly coats fish with potato latkes and onion powder

Chef Amanda Elliott in Columbia Missouri for the LADUE NEWS shares a recipe for celery root and parsnip latkes She used to be a personal chef in NYC.

FAYE LEVY and YAKIR LEVY talk latkes for The MERCURY NEWS in San Jose. and its sister publications (PIONEER PRESS in the Twin Cities, OC REGISTER, etc). The MERCURY NEWS (Jessica Yadegaran) also asked WISE SONS DELI in the Bay Area for some LATKES HELP (and recipe) For the SANTA CRUZ NEWS, Jessica asked Amy Rosen for her recipe for Lacy Latkes & Applesauce. Lacy Latkes is not the name for a food mascot. it means the shred is lacy. Amy Rosen is the author of Kosher Style: Over 100 Jewish Recipes for the Modern Cook, a 2019 cookbook.

Don’t lose your head, but Peggy Wolff for the Chicago Trib service pays respect to Biblical Judith, with a recipe for cheese pastries. The recipe is adapted from A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking by Marcy Goldman

KATU-TV, a Sinclair station in Portland, Oregon, asked Danielle Renov for secrets from Israel on making PERFECT LATKES. Renov is the author of Peas, Love and Carrots (2020), a Jewish cookbook.

Looking for a classic LATKE? The Milwaukee Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle has published a 1961 LATKE RECIPE from a 1941 Jewish cookbook author, Mildred Grosberg Bellin HERE

Julie Guiffrida for THE LOS ANGELES TIMES presents Move Over Sourdough, it’s latke time with recipes for LENTIL LATKES, ZUCCHINI LATKES, WINTER SUNSHINE LATKES, RUSSET AND ROOT VEGETABLE LATKES, RED BEET (rodbetsiffar) LATKES, and even the late JONATHAN GOLD’s FAVORITE LATKE. She also refers readers to recipes for down-home crispy fried chicken, Korean fried chicken, fresh citrus olive oil cake, olive oil gelato, chicken katsu or keftes de gallina (Sephardic chicken patties), green vegetables with shishito tempura peppers, and a big salad with pan-fried goat cheese or fried ricotta.

Kara Baskin at JewishBoston shares a recipe for Cacio e Pepe Latkes With Roasted Tomato Sauce.

Bob Bahr for the Atlanta Jewish Times shared a recipe for Sweet Potato Latkes with Lemon Creme Fraiche.

Margi Lenga Kahn for the SAINT LOUIS JEWISH LIGHT explores cheese and Zeesih Kaese Latkes

I learned something in BETTER HOMES & GARDENS when Seri Kertzner advised readers that the proper oil (Mazola) and potatoes need to be considered

The MONTREAL GAZETTE went to MILE END.. but not for Hanukkah. Just to meet a robot that is cooking up dishes there. See also their chat about Ottolenghi’s cucumbers. Lauren Krugel for the TORONTO STAR provides a roundup of zoom events as far West as Manitoba for the holiday. And the GLOBE AND MAIL reprints Amy Rosen’s essay from above. The WINNIPEG FREE PRESS has bupkas for the holiday, as does the VANCOUVER SUN, but they do have stories on a recall of Montreal style smoked meat due to potential Listeria. David Greaves of Manitoba and the JNF did invite readers to participate in virtual tours of the tunnels beneath the Kotel in Jerusalem via Zoom.

Sally Pasley Vargas for THE BOSTON GLOBE shares a Butternut (Squash) Potato Latke recipe. I was hoping for butterscotch.

Shannon Sarna for the JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) has a recipe for the easiest hanukkah suganiyot jelly donuts ever. EVER!! You can also link to her videos on THE NOSHER. Sarna is the author of Modern Jewish Baker: Challah, Babka, Bagels & More .

Over in the UK, check out recipes from Southwark’s Borough Market HERE and the Evening Standard HERE. No recipes were posted by Britain’s JEWISH NEWS yet, but they do have a story on recommended Holocaust films to watch. The JEWISH CHRONICLE in London has recipes for freakishly large donuts and a sponge cake that masquerades as a chanukah donut. They also implore you to “fry up” Lisa Roukin’s baked Brussels sprout (not Brussel sprouts) latkes THE TIMES OF LONDON has no Chanukkah recipes, but does have some Blinis. Also in Britain, THE SUN has compiled some recipes HERE The Australian Jewish News in Sydney posted no Recipes, yet

And closer to my home, Evan Kleiman for KCRW FM interviews Modern Jewish Baker: Challah, Babka, Bagels & More Leah Koenig, author of THE JEWISH COOKBOOK about Hanukkah foods, and thankfully Leah mentions of the potatoes of Peru did not get popularized in Europe and Ashkenaz until the late 18th century, and it wasn’t potato latkes that Jews were frying in fat in days not so long ago.

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