Harvard President Asks Provocative Questions about Women and Gets in BIG Trouble

Lawrence H. SummersI have a feeling we’ll be hearing about this for a while. Dr. Lawrence Summers, a very smart and yes, Jewlicious, cookie who currently heads Harvard, just released the transcript to the off-the-record talk he gave a month ago where he essentially suggested that one of the reasons women are under-represented in the upper echelons of Science and Engineering departments in academe may be innate. In other words, males can crunch numbers, do physics, puzzle out scientific mysteries, and invent stuff better than women. He also suggests that our society still encourages men to be the breadwinners who work 80 hour weeks while women tend to shy away from that committment.

Needless to say, Summers has stirred up numerous discussions and debates not only about the issues he has raised, but about the topic of political correctness and whether he has breached a line that the head of a university must not breach because he must be impartial.

After reading the transcript, I have to admit that he raises interesting questions, makes some obvious points and achieves his stated goal of being provocative. It’s no surprise he’s getting skewered now by many on the Left and among Feminist groups, along with many female academics, but I don’t believe he was out of line. He might have been wrong, but he admits this throughout his talk and merely suggests that these ideas should be a starting off point for much-needed further research into this matter.


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