Lebanese Army prepares final obliteration of Refugee Camp. Really.

bye bye nahr al baredI was watching Al Jazeera. They were showing the Oscar winning West Bank Story (I hadn’t seen it yet). After the screening they showed a discussion between Palestinians and Israelis who had also seen the film. Suddenly, a news alert flashed across the screen and as the competing Felafel and Hummus stands burnt to the ground, Al Jazeera let us know that once again, the Lebanese Army was bombing the shit out of what was left of the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp. They are hoping to flush out the remaining Fatah al-Islam gunmen inside. So far 300 people have died in the fighting and all but 80 of the 40,000 residents of the problematic camp have fled. This fighting has been going on for months. No really. I’m not kidding – 300 dead and 40,000 homeless. I’m serious. Here – read about it on the BBC. Or on Reuters.

Now I know these Fatah al-Islam gunmen dudes are supporters of Al Quaeda and all – but with 40,000 people forced out of their homes, you’d expect some UN guys to say something or at least some cool footage of weeping civilians. With 40,000 people frightened away by intense violence, someone had to have wept. I’ll keep monitoring the news. I’m sure we’ll get the footage of this human rights catastrophe pronto. Any minute now, I’m sure.

Oh, and I enjoyed West Bank Story. Didn’t enjoy the post-movie conversation as much, but the movie was hilarious.

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