Is this evidence that UC San Diego’s MSA beats UC Irvine’s MSU at Jew Hatred

If you are an avid supporter of the Palestinians, one who has aligned himself or herself with groups like the MSU or MSA on a campus, read this post and watch the video and then don’t ever say you didn’t know. Now you know.

We cover UC Irvine’s MSU’s shenanigans here regularly. That university can take pride, real pride, in having made their campus nationally famous for their hostility not just to Israel, but also to Jews. Here is one lovely example of UCI’s Israel Apartheid Week and its consequences and in case you think this is an anomaly, the professor is still there and the speaker in the bottom video has been invited for years including after this event was recorded.

However, we now have a better video to show you from UC San Diego. This week is Israel Apartheid Week at UCSD and the Muslim Students Association has speakers coming and all kinds of fun activities like a rapper from England who is apparently going to rap. What is he rapping about? This. They invited Norman Finkelstein, of the famous dog and pony show he used to run when doing his “Holocaust Industry” shtick. Now he’s got a dog and pony show going around the country telling people about the Gaza War book he wrote (and promoted on our site).

Some group at UCSD thought they should bring a speaker to their campus who could provide an alternative to the Israel hatefest. They invited David Horowitz to give a talk. At the end of the talk, an MSA student asks a question and he turns the tables on her and asks her a question in response. When she’s done answering, she says she is for the genocide of Jews prescribed by Nasrallah in Lebanon.

Watch and read and ask yourselves why universities are permitting these groups to bring their hatred – not desire for peace or love of peace, but hatred and desire for destruction of Israel – to their campuses.


MSA member: Good evening, I just wanted to say thank you for coming to campus tonight and presenting your point of view, its always important to have to sets of, ah, views going on at the same time. Um, very useful. My name is [Jimena Imad Musa Ahmal Bahiri](sp) and I’m a student here at UCSD. Ah I was reading your literature, I found that much more interesting than your talk, and I found some interesting things about the MSA, which is an organization that is very active on campus and is hosting our annual “Hitler Youth” week, you should come out to those events. [DS: Horowitz had referred to the MSA’s week as a Hitler Youth week.] Um, if you could clarify the connection between the MSA and Jihad terrorist networks, because last time I checked, we had to do our own fundraising, and we never get help from anyone. So if you could clarify the connection between UCSD’s MSA or if you don’t have such information, if you could connect other MSA’s on UC’s, because the connection wasn’t to clear in the pamphlet, just if you could clarify.

: Okay. Will you condemn Hamas, here and now?

MSA member: I’m sorry, what?

Horowitz: Will you condemn Hamas?

MSA member: Would I condemn Hamas?

Horowitz: As a terrorist organization. Genocidal organization.

MSA member: Are you asking me to put myself on a cross?

Horowitz: So you won’t. I have actually had this experience many times. You didn’t actually read the pamphlet, because the pamphlet is chapter and verse. The main connection is that the MSA is part of the Muslim Brotherhood Network as revealed…

MSA member: I don’t think you understood what I meant by that. I meant if I say something, I am sure that I will be arrested, for reasons of homeland security. So if you could please just answer my question.

Horowitz: If you condemn Hamas, Homeland Security will arrest you?

MSA member: If I support Hamas, because your question forces me to condemn Hamas. If I support Hamas, I look really bad.

Horowitz: If you don’t condemn Hamas, obviously you support it. Case closed. I have had this experience at UC Santa Barbara, where there were 50 members of the Muslim Students Association sitting right in the rows there. And throughout my hour talk I kept asking them, will you condemn Hizbollah and Hamas. And none of them would. And then when the question period came, the president of the Muslim Students Association was the first person to ask a question. And I said, ‘Before you start, will you condemn Hizbollah?’ And he said, ‘Well, that question is too complicated for a yes or no answer.’ So I said, ‘Okay, I’ll put it to you this way. I am a Jew. The head of Hizbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or Against it?

MSA member: For it.

Horowitz: Thank you for coming and showing everybody what’s here.

Yup, she’s for it.

Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs.

UPDATE May 15:

According to this editorial, the UCSD Student Association gave $40,000 to support anti-Israel activities (I was only able to find $31,700 in the documents – but still these people got $31,700 from the student association to make Jewish students on campus feel like dirt?) Not only that, but

“Co-sponsoring the events were UCSD’s Departments of Literature, Visual Arts, and Ethnic Studies, along with its entire Thurgood Marshall College.”

Those departments and UCSD’s leadership should be proud of what they’re supporting, as the video above reveals (as if anybody needs the video to know what these apartheid weeks are bringing to their campuses). How on earth can an entire department or college be supportive of activities like this? How are their students who support Israel supposed to feel?

UPDATE 2: The MSA has sent out a press release sorta and kinda distancing themselves from this student’s statement, except they don’t specifically mention the student and they use all kinds of cute language to make a political point instead of simply rejecting what is unacceptable. MSA members should know that half-baked explanations dressed up with more political rhetoric don’t really express an unequivocal rejection of this student’s endorsement of genocide, particularly because the suspicion already exists that behind all of these anti-Israel fests, lies severe hostility to Israel and, yes, to Jews (unless they’re of the variety that supports the MSA and MSU activities, in which case they’re useful).


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