During last week’s apartheid week activities at UC San Diego, groups seeking to bring alternative views to campus brought out David Horowitz to give a talk. In the question period that followed, an exchange between him and a Muslim Student Association (MSA) student led to her statement that she agrees with a genocidal claim against Jews made by Hizbollah’s leader, Nasrallah.

The story has traveled far and wide and apparently the MSA has seen fit to distance itself from their member’s statement by putting out a press release. This is a good thing.

Except, it’s a half-hearted distancing from the topic of killing Jews. If you want a really critical parsing of the press release, which suggests it’s all one big lie, you can read Robert Spencer’s take on it.

I prefer however, not being knowledgeable about Islam in the way Spencer and others are, to focus on what I can see in this press release. Namely, the following:


This week the MSA has hosted Justice in Palestine Week 2010 at UC San Diego, dedicated to raising awareness about the apartheid crisis in Palestine. The crisis is at its core a humanitarian issue, and as such we, the Muslim Students Association, condemn the labeling of this human rights effort as a “Hitler Youth Week” in the words of a recently invited speaker.

Throughout the rest of the press release, nowhere do they mention what their member said, although they quote Horowitz. More important is their designation of the conflict and the “apartheid crisis” as a “humanitarian issue.” That is to deny the fact that this is a political and military issue first and foremost.


Specifically, we condemn all Palestinian factions that have rejoiced in the killing of innocent Israeli civilians just as much as we condemn the indiscriminate murder of hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians during Israeli military aggression.

This takes the prize.

They condemn Palestinian groups “that have rejoiced in the killing of innocent civilians.” Rejoiced – not killed or murdered, but rejoiced. And they compare the “killing” of Israelis to the “indiscriminate murder” of Palestinians during “Israeli military aggression.” I guess there’s no Palestinian military aggression and the killing of Israeli civilians is not indiscriminate murder. If a rocket or a suicide bombing kills you, that’s not indiscriminate and does not deserve the condemnation that Israeli actions do or the rejoicing in murders of Israelis by Palestinian groups.

3. And,

We reject the current apartheid system in Palestine-Israel that discriminates against people based on their ethnicity and race.

There is no apartheid in Israel and never was. Certainly, what exists there is not based on race, although the question of ethnicity is open to debate. As anyone who has been to Israel knows, the country is comprised of all races and ethnicities.


We believe that Israel has a due right to be in accordance with international law

Good, because Israel is in compliance with international law as it continues to adhere to both UNSC resolution 242 and to the San Remo and League of Nations conventions of 1920 and 1922 respectively.


Here’s what they could have written in their press release:

“We strongly condemn AND REJECT the statement of one of our members who openly advocated genocide of the Jews. We reject violence and we certainly reject genocide. We also differentiate between civilians and soldiers and recognize that in the Arab war against Israel, only active duty soldiers are a legitimate target, just as only Palestinian fighters are legitimate targets for Israel.

Fat chance we’ll see that any time soon.

Hey, maybe next year the UCSD student association can give these guys another $31,700 to hold their anti-Israel festivities.

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