We visited the state-of-the-art Culinary School at Ben Gurion University’s Eilat campus where the staff and students helped us create this delicious, ready to make concoction. It contains ingredients typically found in Israel like Oranges, Halva and Semolina – as well as Maple Syrup for an exotic touch. Of course you can replace the Maple Syrup with Date Honey, which is readily available in Israel. Given that tomorrow night is Israel Independence day, we figured we’d feature a very Israeli treat – I know Maple Syrup is not Israeli but who can resist Maple Syrup? I know I can’t. I also ate the Semolina cake after we shot the video and it was… beyond delicious!

You can learn how to make this and many other yummy treats at Ben Gurion University’s Culinary School in sunny Eilat. The Culinary School in conjunction with LIROM – Study in Israel, offers a special one-year program that includes English instruction, room and board, swimming pool, touring in Israel and internships at Eilat’s top hotels. For more information visit their Web site which has all the details.

State-of-the-art culinary facilities at BGU's campus in Eilat

State-of-the-art culinary facilities at BGU’s campus in Eilat

BGU's beautiful campus in sunny Eilat

BGU’s beautiful campus in sunny Eilat

I spent a bit of time on campus and I can tell you that the kitchen facilities are top notch, the instructors are friendly and very accomplished and the students seemed very serious. I couldn’t imagine a better place to study the culinary arts than in Eilat with its beautiful weather and proliferation of top notch Hotels and dining facilities. That the tuition is surprisingly reasonable and includes housing (with a pool and AC!), meals (!) and internships at Eilat’s best hotels as well trips around the country makes this program a no-brainer for those who want careers in the culinary industry. If you or someone you know is contemplating this course of study, Ben Gurion University’s culinary program is well worth considering! Again, visit Lirom – Study in Israel’s Web site for more details.

And if you do get here, call me if you need help tasting anything.

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  • Looks delicious. I am going to try that today and serve it for Israel Independence Day dinner. How much is the tuition?

    • From what I understand it’s $5k – which is a fraction of what other Culinary schools in the US charge. And remember, this includes room and board! How crazy is that??