Tough day for the P.A., huh? First this clown gets kidnapped.

The clown in question, “General” Ghazi Jabali, Palestinian Police Chief for Gaza, was briefly kidnapped by dissident militants accusing him of corruption. They eventually let him go after recieving assurances from Arafat that he would be dismissed. Piece of advice buddy – less time spiffing up the uniform and more time taking care of, you know, police work maybe? Anyhow, he resigned afterwards and was replaced by Saeb el Aajez, the former general security chief in the Gaza Strip.

armed clownsAnd then this other bunch of clowns, probably looking like these guys here, decided kidnapping would be a cool thing to do. So they kidnapped 4 foreigners from a cafe in Khan Yunis refugee camp. Boy were the gunmen embarrassed when they found out that they had just kidnapped French foreign aid workers, who were there in solidarity with the Palestinians and to repair power and water supplies. They were eventually released.

Also kidnapped today was Col. Khaled Abu Aloula, the director of military coordination in the southern sector of Gaza.

The really zany thing is that all these clowns work for this clown…

AraclownLooks like decades of corruption have finally caught up with Yasser Arafat and his fellow kleptocrats. The shit has really hit the fan and Arafat and his cronies ignored the signs of looming revolt. I mean, when your own thugs in the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades call for a comprehensive campaign against corruption, and call for you to relinquish some power, you ought to know something’s afoot. Instead, on July 7th, Arafat spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said the Brigade’s proposal was “not serious.” Doh!

So today saw armed militants running roughshod all across Gaza and The Palestinian National Security Council declaring a state of emergency. As a result of this chaos, Arafat decided to finally cave in to domestic and international pressure, and reduced the eight separate security services to three – police, general security and the intelligence service. Ok, that’s pretty good, right? But then he made his nephew, former chief of Palestinian Military Intelligence Brigadier General Musa Arafat, head of general security. The boys in the al-Aqsa martyrs brigade didn’t take that news too well:

We announce our complete rejection of the appointment of this symbol of corruption, Musa Arafat, as the director of general security.

On the street, protesters brandishing automatic weapons were a little less circumspect, cursing Arafat and chanting “Down with Mousa Arafat…” Not serious indeed.

Meanwhile, back at the UN, Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman told General Assembly delegates that the Palestinians:

… should not lecture anyone about the rule of law or accuse others of being outlaws. We have indeed reached the point where the inmates are running the asylum.

Maybe that was the case all along?

Scary Clown
UPDATE: Look at what I just came across on the Internet… Yet another photoshop Arafat clown rendering. Oy! Source: It’s like… not funny anymore, ok?

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