ass clownUh … no. Despite a report by the New York Daily News, Singh did not catapult “teddy bears soaked with gasoline at police at the Quebec G-20 protest in 2001” (they weren’t soaked in gasoline) and he is not going to be protesting at the Republican National Convention with 50 leading anarchists, each accompanied by 50 “followers” willing to be arrested. He’s not going to be there at all. This according to an interview with Singh in this Saturday’s Montreal Gazette (not available online):

“I don’t have 50 followers,” Singh said. “I don’t have 5 followers. I don’t even have a dog.”

Jaggi’s pretty funny for a “dangerous anarchist.” He’s also a total publicity whore and an ass clown. You might remember him as the ISM member who defied an Israeli court order and went into the West Bank anyway. Or you may also remember his involvement in the riots at Concordia that caused the cancellation of a speech by Benjamin Netanyahu. I particularly enjoyed seeing Singh in the NFB documentary about that event called Discordia. Singh seemed like this over-eager, well… dipshit. Certainly not the dangerous radical mastermind he had been portrayed as in the NY Daily News article.

Now understand this, the only thing that would have been worst for Singh than getting smeared by the NYPD with false and inaccurate allegations, would have been not getting smeared at all. Just sayin’, that’s all …

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