yowMy sister wants to marry him, Samantha my kiwi office mate wants to do unmentionable things with him and me? I’m just happy watching the John Stewart show whenever it’s on. Tonight Jon Stewart commented extensively on Governor Schwarzenegger’s address to the Republican National Convention in New York. Here’s how it went:

Arnie: “To those critics who are so pessimistic about our economy, I say: ‘Don’t be economic girlie men,'”
Stewart: “So what he’s saying to the 1.3 million Americans sliding into poverty is ‘suck it up, faggots!'”

Arnie: “I remember watching the Nixon and Humphrey presidential debate on TV. A friend who spoke German and English, translated for me. I heard Humphrey saying things that sounded like socialism which is what I had just left. But then I heard Nixon speak. He was talking about free enterprise, getting government off your back, lowering taxes, and strengthening the military. Listening to Nixon speak sounded more like a breath of fresh air.”
Stewart: (Silently mouthing “Nixon???”) “Well, I guess that makes sense for a person coming from a city that was the birthplace of Hitler.”

Arnie: “I said to my friend, ‘What party is he?’ My friend said, ‘He’s a Republican.’ I said, ‘Then I am a Republican!”
Stewart: “This about a man who was thrown out of office, forever tarnishing the office of the Presidency…”

Stewart sure took the piss out of Arnie. But he could have done more. Political historians may note that Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon never debated during the 1968 Presidential campaign. Also interesting is the fact that Schwarzenegger’s trip is costing a fortune and the bill is being footed by a number of private donors.

Why is this noteworthy? The long list of donors includes three pharmaceutical companies. Once Arnie returns from his fabulous trip to New York, there are a number of bills awaiting his signature, several of which would make it easier for Californians to buy prescription medications from Canada. Schwarzenegger has stated that he will veto those because he considers them in violation of Federal law. This decision has nothing to do with the oodles of cash he’s gotten from the pharmaceutical industry of course. Schwarzenegger has suggested instead that California buy prescription drugs in bulk. Ok. Whatever.

Either way, Jon Stewart kicked ass.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • i think it’s jon not john. anyways i should know since i am gonna marry him…

  • I used to watch the daily show, but it’s just not funny any more. It’s a partisan soapbox, and while I can handle some of that, it’s endless and overwhelming. Wrapped in the cloak of satire, Stewart is able to belittle politicians with no regard for reality.

    I have no need to defend Arnold, I didn’t even vote for the guy here in California, but it’s interesting to note that Stewart, and the mainstream Democrats, have the same tactic: nitpick and ignore the main points.

  • i agree with neocon. jon stewart used to be somewhat non-partisan with his comedy, but over last few months his show has descended to CBC like levels of impartiality.

    i’ll give him this: he’s a brilliant propagandist that gives michael moore a run for his money. he’s got all the techniques down: clever distortion of facts, selective use of facts, taking things out of context and just plain lies. amazingly, those techniques are only applied to republicans. democrats just get letterman/leno style treatment – no harm attempted.

    i still watch him cause the correspondents are generally hillarious but last night was over the top. what was with that 3 minute anti-bush film? it sounded more like a kerry campaign commercial than an attempt at humour. you want funny? see this: http://www.pleasurecaptains.com/low.html

    anyway, the most objectionable part of jon stewart’s fisking of arnold was when he made fun of his immigrant status and started with those arnold/hitler references. at one point he even made a clever reference to “triumph of will” – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0025913/ – the classic propaganda film … how ironic indeed.

    stewart should know better: he got a taste of what kerry is all about when he sucked his dick during their pathetic interview (even disappointing to the loonies at slate – http://slate.msn.com/id/2105618/).

    well i guess us israel supporters can at least thank stewart for encouraging nader to run.

  • the leftist tilt of this site is getting to be vomit inducing..

    like Stewart is some kind of expert on economic theory? lame!!

  • Kenny? You’re Canadian! Why do you give a rat’s ass? Jon Stewart is entertainment – he’s meant to be funny. I mean I think it’s hilarious that a large percentage of US voters under the age of 35 cite Jon Stewart as their main source of news analysis. Also, I think Jon Stewart had a good romp at the DNC – comparing him to Michael Moore is a bit much I think. And the dick sucking reference… yikes Kenny. Canadians are supposed to be, you know… chill.

    As far as the Arnold / Hitler references, I think it’s appropriate. Austria has never come to terms with their Nazi past. It behooves us to remind everyone that the Austrians welcomed the Nazis with flag waving and open arms. If we take the piss out of the French, we ought to do doubly so to the Austrians.

  • Jarred: Leftist tilt? We are apolitical or at least not so easy to define. I put that Jon Stewart thing up cuz it was funny as heck. As far as my political orientation, I am pro war in Iraq, for starters. I am also pro security fence, pro zionism, pro Israel etc. etc. I like to think we are not sooo doctrinaire. If I find something funny about John Kerry I’ll put it up. But Kerry’s just not so funny, know what I mean?

  • I have to disagree with Jarred – I wouldn’t say the this site is left-tilted, I like this site quite a bit, and I’m as far right as they come. Well done ck & others.

    I do see Stewart as entering the Michael Moore realm of koolaid drinkers, though 🙂

  • hey ck!

    i give a rats ass because, unlike you, i find it scary that people get their “news” from stewart. if you don’t think the media has tremendous influence over hearts and minds then you and google need to spend more time together. in that respect, it’s no surprise that the new-antisemite at the star tries to pass stewart off as “a top-rated talk show” … “which provides more incisive non-partisan political analysis than anything else on TV”
    i don’t think comparing someone or something to hitler or to nazis is cool. especially when its done by a jew purporting to be a comedian. and i don’t believe in condemning an entire country for crimes their parents or grandparents committed.

    strange, isn’t it, that when sheri drew used the “nazi” ( https://jewlicious.com/index.php?p=181 ) it’s “offensive and hateful” but when stewart does it he “kicked ass.”

    further, the reason most people i know diss france has nothing to do with their vichy past. it has to do with their dictator-loving-terrorist-appeasing-american-hating present.

    and, oh yeah, we can do without the stereotype of canadians.

  • I was also watching last night and laughed a ton at Jon and the gang…

    And BTW, Tiff and your sister better back off. If he ever leaves his wife and infant son (not likely, sorry ladies) Jon’s all mine so we can breed smart sarcastic Jewish super babies…

  • I don’t think it matters what political party Arnie or Jon belongs to. They are, bottom line, entertainers. They just have different platforms. And sometimes one is funnier than the other.

  • Good grief Kenny… where do I start?

    Kenny wrote:
    …unlike you, i find it scary that people get their “news” from stewart.

    Yes. You found it scary, I found it hilarious – hilarious in a bad way. Anyone who gets the majority of their political analysis from Jon Stewart is worthy of scorn and derision. So we don’t disagree here.

    Kenny wrote:
    i don’t think comparing someone or something to hitler or to nazis is cool.

    Uh, I fully agree. Not cool at all. Sheri Dew did it. Jon Stewart didn’t. Read what he said with reference to the Nixon / birthplace of Hitler thing. Stewart didn’t call anyone a Nazi. Dew sure as heck did.

    Kenny concluded:
    …the reason most people i know diss france has nothing to do with their vichy past. it has to do with their dictator-loving-terrorist-appeasing-american-hating present.

    Well that’s cool and all. In that respect you’d probably have something to say vis-a-vis American involvement with Pinochet, and with Somoza and Strossner and with dictatorships in Guatemala and Honduras and Panama and with Sadam before he became public enemy number one and with the Saudi Royal Family … but I digress.

    France’s fall from greatness is not a recent phenomenon. Who can forget Napoleon’s ill fated Russian adventure or the Dreyfuss Affair or the whacky hijinks at the Maginot line? There was also the recent 62nd anniversary of the Vel d’Hiv roundup and the shamefull collaboration of Vichy France of course. There’s so much more, but France’s more recent petulance, in my mind, is merely part of a larger historical continuum. You know, even if France had supported the war on terror and sent troops to Iraq and not been such a little bitch of a country, I’d still take the piss out of the fuckers for collaborating with the Nazis and not admitting their role and coming clean. The Germans certainly have dealt with their past and I can deal with them, but the French, and the Austrians for that matter (sorry Ahnold!), haven’t adequately admitted their guilt and responsibility

  • Jon Stewart is hot. Comparing him to that shlubb Michael Moore is ridiculous. Some of you guys can learn much about hotness from him. He is witty, erudite, well dressed and well groomed. He definitely has a liberal bias but he is not dogmatic about it. He often aims his rapier wit at Liberal targets as well.

    The only bad thing about Jon Stewart is that he is married and there is much competition for him (Tiff, Esther, Samantha and on and on). I’ll just have to be satisfied with crushing on ck… and if that doesn’t work out, I guess I can give Stennis a go. Conservative demagogues need not apply.

  • the daily show is comedy, not news. just because the daily show is on at 11pm doesn’t mean that anyone is actually confusing it with their nightly news.

  • Well, good to see all my buddies arguing virulently. Kenny, any attempt to put the US in a nice light vis a vis dicatator sponsorship is rather hopeless as far as I can tell. Dave’s list if anything is too short. Let’s not forget, for instance, cozying up to China (Bush Sr.) AS far as opposition goes, one long standing ban on Cuban products (which mostly just robbed people of cigars as far as I can tell), an attack on Iraq where the justification of toppling a dictator was ENTIRELY ex post facto (I seem to remember a lot of talk about wmds permeating the pre-war discussion) and deposing Noriega when he became inconvenient don’t strike me as justifying much of a past record. Anyhow, what’s wrong with the Canadian stereotype?

    CK, kudos, however, for pointing out the really problematic points about Arnie vis a vis the non-existent debates he ‘saw’ and the drug companies supporting him. (I can already hear Kenny yelling ‘everyone does that…’) Jon Stewart is funny but generally seems pretty glib rather than clever. And, if anything Jewlicious isn’t left wing enough.

  • Speaking of wmd, I recently saw the box of a porn flick. It was called…

    Weapons of Ass Destruction.


    Anyhow, this whole “debate” is funny cuz really the only reason I put it up was because I was so proud of myself for finding pics of both Arnie and Stewart behind a US flag. I mean hello? I’m in Canada. The RNC makes me fall asleep. Why, even now as I type thi.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz