Modesty is sexy?Nude is out. Demure is in.

Yup. The days of women walking down the street leaving very little to the imagination are now nearing their end. So says Greg Scott, CEO of Bebe, a chain with 195 stores. “People are tired of seeing so much skin. That whole midriff-baring thing is completely over.”

One thing that always stays the same in fashion is change. So bid farewell to the skimpy, belly-baring outfits of Britney and Christina and say hello to skirts that hit the knee [and] shirts that are almost long enough to tuck in…

Seventeen Magazine has dubbed the new trend Miss Modesty, stating that the 50’s sexy librarian look is in this fall.

Sexy librarian?? Dude… don’t you mean the Jewish Yeshivah girl look? Here (see pic) it is demonstrated by the lovely Bati (Frumster ID # 562). What can I say … this new trend will certainly make for less eye candy on the street, but when national retailers like Target and Abercrombie & Fitch start marketing thongs to pre-teens, well… things have clearly gotten out of hand. So uh… let’s hear it for Tsnius. Yay.

UPDATE: Another article about the demise of unfortunately titled “Slutwear.” Geez.

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