Young Bob Dylan circa 1962One, for your voice. Yes, you heard me right. Two, for your lyrics that probably mean nothing but people keep attaching deep, cosmic meaning to. Three, for existing on the cusp of either being curiously quite attractive or not good looking at all. Four, for all those biting break-up songs i learned to play guitar with after my first real heartbreak. Five, for the way your silence leads us to believe you are more complex that you are. Six, for your musical simplicity, Seven, for f*cking the establishment by going electric at a folk festival. Eight, for keeping the track on Bringing It All Back Home when you start laughing and have to start over. Nine, for not dying young, despite the tragically romantic appeal of it. And ten, for writing a memoir that after 304 pages still doesn’t really tell us anything about you that we couldn’t have picked up on from your music.

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Laya Millman


  • Check out what Dylan wrote about the Holocaust in Chronicles. It wasn’t nothing bad, but pretty stupid, showing a level of ignorance that is either purposeful (a discussion of such is obviously a heavy subject that would detract from the topic at hand) or he is somewhat oblivious (my guess is the latter). WHile Bobby’s written about Israel (Neighborhood Bully) and used Old Testament imagery/references is his lyrics–one has to wonder why he’s only mentioned the Holocaust once (With G-d on Our Side) in his 40 years of songwriting. Sigh. I’d add one to make it 12–he’s still out there performing.

  • I’ve been to one of his concerts. After the weed ran out, man his music really sucked.

  • I object to the implied notion that Dylan, like Phish or the Dead, needs to be listened to stoned, but i will concede that his live performances as of late leave something to be desired, but give the guy a break, he’s been doing it for 40 years already!

  • Sorry Laya. I’ve got to stop commenting here while under the influence. 🙂

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