John Stewart of Comedy Central’s “The Daily” Show is a pretty funny guy. Watching him skewer George W. Bush and other right wing icons every night, one might think that the American left has a monopoly on funny. Recently, Stewart was on CNN’s Crossfire where he similarly skooled the show’s hosts – both the pro-Republican and the pro-Democrat (read the transcript or watch the streaming video. But the other side can be funny too. Thus I invite you to go through this photo gallery by some anonymous guy who added captions to photos of anti-war Americans apologizing to the people of Iraq. Without further ado, we bring to you:

A photographic exploration of the pious and peaceful

Crouching peaceniks, hidden sandals.

It sure is! Palaces, oil, the whole damn deal!

Front row, centre: the tilted head of compassion.

To those of you who scoff at advances in genetic engineering, I present … Raccoon Lady!

At least she’s got the decency to apologise.

Er, ladies? You aren’t standing.

Most awesome power-fist ever.

Noting his ancestry, young Peter checks for the presence of testicles.

Free the Iraqui, and all Indian tribes!

Add a few orange jumpsuits, and this looks exactly like an Iraq hostage video. Except hostages don’t usually look this stupid.

Maybe you shouldn’t have given up that night-school spelling course.

“Hey, you crazy-ass whiteys! Get yo’selves back inside befo’ yo’ dinner gets cold!”

They feel great! Good for them.

How’s the prayer for a Weed Whacker working out?

Return of the tilted compassion-head!

Dennis Kucinich and his mother keep the peace message alive.

It’s not every day you see an authentic Jesus beehive.

That hot parking cop walked by at just the wrong moment.

Dude on the left has one of those “arm hearts” everybody’s talking about.

Edith and Walter were the first to notice the blood dripping from the ceiling.

Pick the couple who just returned from an innocent “nature walk” in the forest. And at left: one of the finest compassionate head-tilts yet.

Drunk out of their minds.

Notice the compassionate head-tilt on the terrorist second from the right.

Of course, the whole pro-war blogging community got into the act as well. See Sean Gleeson’s unique spin on the whole thing, as well as a couple of funny pics from Silent Running.

OK. They’re not John Stewart. But Republicans are so rarely (purposefully) funny that one must take note and give encouragement whenever they make an effort. So, kudos to you my friends, kudos! Thanks for making the American electoral process just a tad more bearable for this Canadian.

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  • Er, ladies? You aren’t standing. And how about a shot of the Iraqiu babes’ wearing your bras……awooooooou?