Hesder yeshiva rabbis, 60 of whom signed former Chief Rabbi Avraham Shapira’s call ordering IDF soldiers to disobey orders if they relate to dismantling settlements, are now refusing to attend a formerly-planned meeting with the IDF.

As we already noted, last week some Yesha leaders walked out after a meeting with Sharon where old colleagues and friends of his refused to shake his hand, and told the country that “He was leading the country to civil war.”

These articles are now coming out daily and the warnings are clear. I really hope the IDF has some planning in place and takes pre-emptive action soon.

It’s hard – and very sad – to see that the situation has deteriorated to this degree.

Edit: Haaretz has an article interviewing soldiers from a Hesder yeshiva saying they will find a way to refuse the order to evacuate settlements.

The JPost ran an article about how the Religious Kibbutz movement is actively asking rabbis to stop asking soldiers to disobey army orders.

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