Mel GibsonMel Gibson has a Stalker

Poor Mel. He had to get a homeless stalker arrested and get a restraining order against him as well. This is after Zack Sinclair, 34, kept showing up at Gibson’s Malibu home and church, repeatedly requesting that Gibson pray with him. Sinclair also sent letters to Gibson and his family in which he recounted his prayers for the actor, cited biblical verse and praised Gibson’s movie “The Passion of the Christ.”

He praised “The Passion of the Christ?” He’s clearly nuts. Read all about it here and here. This does however give me an idea about where I should go next with my Christ Killer t-shirt…

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  • Christians are the first to rail on explicit violence in Movies and TV programming. Yet most saw Mel’s restricted-for-violence movie at least once, and many twice. Some even taking their young children.
    Can someone help me with this? What happens to the rational part of the brain, of an otherwise rational intelligent person, when the emotional part becomes obsessed with the rightness (or is that ‘righteousness”) of one religious or political point of view. It seems to invade, capture, and hold hostage(no pun) the rational brain, trumping the rational and reasonable view the person otherwise held?

    I think this subject addresses Christian Mel’s behavior, and to some degree his stalkers as well.
    as well as his stalkers