So the parsha of the week is Vayera and roughly breaks down as follows (from

1st Aliya: The three angels appear to Avraham and foretell the birth of Yitzchak. Upon hearing the news, Sarah laughs to herself.

2nd Aliya: The angels depart to destroy Sodom, and Hashem [G-d] tells Avraham about His plans for destroying Sodom. Pasuk 18:18-19 proclaims G-d’s confidence in Avraham to teach the world the concept of justice. Avraham negotiates, unsuccessfully, on behalf of Sodom.

3rd Aliya: The story of the destruction of Sodom is told. Lot’s generosity to the “two visitors” is rewarded and he, his wife, and only two of their children are saved from Sodom.

4th Aliya: Lot’s wife looks back upon the destruction of Sedom and dies, and Lot and his two daughters escape into the mountains. Lot’s daughters conspire to rebuild humankind, and taking advantage of Lot’s drunkenness, they become pregnant from Lot resulting in the birth of Ammon and Moav. Avraham encounters Abimelech after which Sarah gives birth to Yitzchak..

5th Aliya: Yishmael and Hagar are forced out of Avraham’s home, and an angel reassures Hagar of Yishmael’s destiny.

6th Aliya: Abimelech and his general Phichol resolve their conflict with Avraham over water rights, and they “sign” a covenant of peace.

7th Aliya: When Avraham was 137 and Yitzchak was 37, Avraham is commanded to sacrifice Yitzchak. This amazing story heralds the end of Avraham and Sarah’s era, and the beginning of Yitzchak and Rivkah’s era.

Here are some interesting Divrei Torah in English from Bar Ilan University about the Parsha.

Shabbat Shalom!

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  • One thing I don’t understand from last week’s dvar torah is the comparison of Lot to the pig, in that the pig is trayf.

    Through the equivocation of Lot to Avram and the pig to a Kosher animal, they are both dispised. Yet, the pig shows elements of a kosher animal – such as cloven hoofs.

    Can someone please explain? I have a Teen Burger waiting for me 😉

  • Jason, you are obviously not studying hard enough. Reread and get back to us.

    Does a Teen Burger have cheese on it?

  • Teen Burger == bacon cheese burger

    And the D’var Torah that I get from Rabbi Biggs (my favorite online Chabanick) doesn’t even broach it.

    I’m still confused.

  • Dude, the pig is, like, unequivocally unkosher. None of this namby pamby cheeseburger ain’t kosher cuz they can’t figure out that the verse was about not being so immoral as to cook a kid in its mother’s milk rabbinical Judaism stuff; the pig is specifically dissed in the Torah.