Apparently, 600 Jewish families have moved to Winnipeg over the past two years. Enrolment in Jewish day schools is up 15%.

Winnipeg. Brrrrrrrr.

Okay, this brought up the question of Canadian Jewish demographics. The numbers are inexact but there seem to be approximately 370,000 Jews in Canada out of a population of around 32,000,000.

The census numbers seem a bit low. For example, the Manitoba Jewish community believes there are 14,000 Jews in Winnipeg with an influx of 600 new families since 2002. The census counts a total of 13,040 Jews in all of Manitoba.

Anyway, here is a very rough and inexact breakdown of Canada’s Jewish population:

Ontario – 200,000 (probably 180,000 in Toronto; 13,000 in Ottawa)

Quebec – 90,000

British Columbia – 21,250 (Victoria has a synagogue built in 1863)

Manitoba- 15,000

Alberta – 11,100

Nova Scotia – 2,120

Saskatchewan – 865

New Brunswick – 670

Newfoundland Labrador- 140

Prince Edward Island – 55

Yukon – 35 (out of total pop of 28,500)

North West Territories – 30

Nonavut – 10

In every province, including Nonavut, Muslims outnumber Jews.

Obviously, the odds of finding a Jewish partner in life are highest in Ontario and Quebec. And Israel.

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