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  • I think the music is fabulous! It’s going on my… eh… Chanukkah wish list. (Do we have those?)

  • TM, your title implied that nothing positive can come of this. Quick buck? Bad. Assimilation? (presumably) bad. So I can razz ariela a little…

  • I assumed some people will subscribe to the idea that it is actually art.

    You can not only razz Ariela a little, but you can do it a lot…

  • Actually, I was considering its musical merits only… “Oy to the World” was the song I listened to first, and for at least a minute I completely forgot why it might be strange to hear klezmer Christmas jingles.

    As for “assimilation” …meh. Christmas music is fun (so long as its not the boring ish they’ve been playing in Starbucks recently).

  • Starbucks is owned by a Jew. If anything, they ought to at least play Klezmer Christmukah Chanutmas music (we came first afterall….).

  • Starbucks is run and was founded by a Jew, but is a public company (weep for me for I own none of their stock). They have some very nice music which they also sell.