Hizballah Drone - Ass Clown Air ForceHezbollah achieved a tremendous technological breakthrough today when they successfully sent a flying drone over Nahariyah in Northern Israel.

There is no question that Hezbollah is proving to be a hardy and dangerous foe, well financed and trained by Iran and Syria. What is more worrisome than the drone is the ongoing financing of numerous Palestinian terror cells and groups in the Disputed Territories, suggesting that this anti-Israel organization wields a great deal of influence over the current state of the conflict.

Unsubstantiated rumors suggest the drone crashed into the ocean near the Lebanese shore after the Hezbollah drone operator realized he had captured on film a sunbathing, topless Israeli beauty. Iranian scientists are working on bare-breast censorship software as I write.

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  • We should help all Hizballah members “return safely” to their base if you know what I mean ….

  • Hizbollah a dangerous foe? I dont think so. Now that they are deprived of their only useful form of combat (guerrila warfare) they really pose no danger to israel.

  • 1. Financing terror groups

    2. Sending weapons over to Territories

    3. Several thousand missiles on Northern border

    4. Continue to project image in Arab world of only Arab force to eve “beat” Israel

    5. Provide strong spying capability (obviously superior now that they have drones) upon Israel

    They ain’t going to destroy Israel, but they are more than a nuisance and can definitely cause harm and damage in a fight.

  • Good grief TM. Look what you’ve done. You’ve made ME agree with Asaf. Hizballah is a joke. At best they are a minor nuisance. Their thousands of missiles at the Northern border have caused less carnage than one average weekend’s traffic worth of fatalities in Israel. As for sending weapons to the shtachim, most come via Egypt, not Lebanon. I’m still in favor of kicking the shit out of them any chance we have, but lets not exagerate the danger posed by these fake-ass cowardly warriors and their little bo peep spy drone thing.

  • Listen guys, not every threat has to be to Israel’s existence. The missiles haven’t caused any damage because they are meant to be a deterrent. They will cause damage if there is a war or an attack on Lebanon. Their success in controlling terror groups in the Territories means that, for example, as Arafat dies, they wield influence and power in the outcome. As for their capabilities, they proved themselves capable against the IDF and I’m specifically thinking of the time they ambushed and killed 9 (I think it was nine, it may have been more) Shayetet soldiers. It isn’t easy to kill those guys but Hezbollah was able to get intelligence, fake out the Israelis about what they knew, ambush and kill some of the best trained commandos in the IDF.

    Never disrespect your enemy.

  • Hizballah are a bunch of ass clowns and as long as we don’t get bogged down in some stupid guerilla war with them, they pose little or no threat. As we know, any ill trained, ill equipped foe becomes far more dangerous when in a non-conventional setting. No news there. I have zero respect for Hizballah. None. If they are emboldened and stupid enough to escalate the conflict into a more conventional realm, I predict that the cedars of southern lebanon will soon receive new sustenance from 100% Organic Hizballah Pulp fertilizer.

  • You remember how leading up to operation peace for the galilee all these egghead expert dudes were all going off about what a formidable force the plo was developing in south lebanon? how israel’s very existence was at risk? blah blah – and they just ended up being a bunch of easily defeated ass clowns. granted my entire analysis on this topic is a tad brief and scant – but that is the norm for this medium. i still stand by my opinion. nothing that you’ve linked me to changes that. not to say that it’s not interesting or anything. it simply does not alter the whole ass clown thing. trust me on this.

  • CK, your reassurance is overwhelming. Really. I’m floating here in a cloud of comfort knowing that everything is so fine that HEZBOLLAH GOT A MINI PLANE INTO ISRAEL TODAY.

    Neocon, I haven’t spoken to Nasrallah this week, but my guess is that it’s coming from Iran. I’m sure there are a number of countries selling drones these days.

  • Positive. It turns out that the drone is able to carry up to 40 kg and was provided by the Iranians, along with an operator or two.

  • Nothing like a bunch of arrogant zionist to reassure the world that peace is at hand in the middle east.
    Perhaps you have outlived God’s plan. Ya think?

  • How comical, you sell drones to China against US Policy and shazam! Hezbolla get a RC model to scare you into lauching a zillion F-16’s. HA! What’s next?….they run a flase flag op and leave you holding the bag……..Just proves God perfers Sunday.