Alright, I would like to recommend both Garden State (also here) and Sideways.

Both are romantic comedies with male protagonists; both are small movies made on relatively low budgets; and both are populated with known and unknown actors who are not stars. There is no question that Garden State is the lighter and more fun film of the two, with a superb soundtrack and very capable handling by its first time director. Sideways is a darker film where the love story is prominent but plays second fiddle to the awakening of the key character. Both films resonated for a number of days after seeing them, although I think in very different ways.

A couple more details: be sure you have an excellent and expensive bottle of wine waiting for you at home for when you return from Sideways. Trust me on this. Also, be prepared to purchase the Garden State soundtrack the moment you get home. It is available on Amazon. Trust me on this as well.

In fact, just trust me and take somebody you like and whom you’d like to snog (or just spend a pleasant evening) to Garden State. Then, once you’ve got the passion out of the way, go to see Sideways for the deeper part of love, when the fireworks give way to real life.

Ah, you say, but what does this have to do with Jewlicious? I’m not sure, but CK is away or suffering a hangover somewhere and I thought I’d take advantage. I guess if you’re on JMatch or the notorious JDate, one of these movies preceding a nice dinner will definitely provide encouragement for a fun and lively evening. And perhaps a snog.

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  • Is a snog some sort of seasonal holiday treat related to eggnog?

    Seriously, though, not only could Garden State be watched by J-Daters/Matchers, but it is written, directed and a starred in by a nice Jewish boy. Also, it has Natalie Portman. Prognosis? Kosher.

  • My British friends tell me a good snog is when two pairs of lips come together in a passionate lock. Perhaps a tongue might visit another tongue during this little embrace.

    In LA, this becomes a collagen explosion.

  • Garden State was a good movie but it was made pretty obvious that they were in an interfaith relationship.

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