And does that mean we can do whatever we like?

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  • Hurry, TM! Now is the time to solidify your power! With CK gone, Alli and Laya will easily bent to your will, Grandmuffti can be “dealt with” for his closeness to the deposed leader, and a new dawn will rise on Jewlicious 2.0 – Now Wackier than Ever!


  • Yes! Now we can argue about w(h)ackiness and the wall and clog up the comments and make this a single-issue blog and there’ll be no-one to stop us. Mwah ha ha!

    (I have counter arguments re. the wall issue but then again I am *loath* to flog a shuddering horse. :))

  • I happen to have inside information that ck is sunbathing on an island and eating exotic foods. He could be hung over, but if he continues to drink, that’ll prevent it for awhile. Wherever he is, let’s hope he’s at least having fun being away from the biz.

  • Yes TM…a new dawn. CK speaks in parables and ironies that confuses us common folk who ain’t got education enough. We need a straight talker.

    How can we salute you? A quick snap to the brow, straight on, or just a hip high five?

  • Hmmmm…

    I think I would be satisfied if you tattooed “The Middle” on your inner thigh.

    Alternatively, on your butt.

  • been in NYC all week. earlier tonight, grandmuffti, laya and I were live coast to coast on the Joey Reynolds show talking about Jewlicious and Right now we’re partying like rock stars with grandmuffti. i am so drunk, woooo. more details later!

  • See? I told you he was on an island!

    The hangover is on it’s way, I fear, so we’ll have to get a ck report about that also.

  • Indeed. Joey Reynolds is a trip…the whole thing was a bit surreal but fun. The Muffti is pleased to have CK and Laya with him and hopes the rockstar partying continues. As for hangovers, CK is crying like a little girl in the corner, cradling his head and trying not to vomit. Just kidding – he is fully functional and I’m now convinced that he is more machine than man. For my part all is well, though a little more sleep would be totally sweet.

  • ok come on guys, i would hardly classify that as rock star partying, fun as it was. Thanks Grandmuffti for the hospitality and for being nice in person, i like you so much more now…hey, you might be on to something with that theory of yours.