A group of MKs from different religious streams met to discuss ending all commercial activity on shabbat in Israel. One of the Orthodox MKs said that he would accept “cultural” events if commercial activity were stopped. Others mentioned how shabbat, in Israel, is on its deathbed.

I believe that if they went to a 5 day week with either Friday or Sunday as the second day off, it would be much easier to sell the concept of a day of rest and non-shopping.

According to the article, the meetings took place “over the weekend.” I hope they didn’t violate the Sabbath…

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  • Many people already have Friday afternoon off too. In Jerusalem Report, they had an in-depth story about this. Another day off would not be a good idea.

    Of course, that’s easy for me to say >:-)

  • Jon, that’s why I mentioned Friday as a possibility. Of course then Israelis would begin their preparations for the Friday on Thursday and we would have to give them half of Thursaday off too.

    Besides, is there anything cooler than being in Israel on a Friday as people are finishing work, soldiers are going home from bases or the front lines, Moroccan grandmothers are climbing on buses with bags full of shopping from the market, Friday Hebrew songs are playing on the radio, and you can see the sly smiles on the faces of Observant Jews as they contemplate the sex they’ll enjoy with their spouses later that night when the children are asleep?

    I love Fridays in Israel, how could we ruin them by giving the entire day off?

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