Oy, don’t ask.

I still can’t figure out whether this is very well done creative writing or a real woman pouring her heart out to the universe. The blogging world has given us Marneyshayne who gives her location as the “United States.” Marney is either some acne-ridden Columbia Creative Writing grad student, or is the frum mother of four children who has recently stopped cheating on her husband and in lieu of afternoon trystes with her lover (frum, also married with four children), is bestowing us with unusually open and thoughtful posts about her recovery from the affair. I find the posts to be engaging and interesting, as are some of the comments, like this one from a married frum man (or a Yale, acne-ridden, basement-dwelling, creative writing grad student who may become President one day) who claims to have had adulterous mind blowing sex with a 5’10”, 115 lb. (what else) non-Jewish beauty.

However, nobody has yet come down hard on this woman for what she has done. Everybody is a little too forgiving of her actions…

Anyway, on her Chanukkah post, she provided some of the details of the affair. Jewels like this one make this post and comments worth reading:

I remembered my feelings towards xMM. I had never gotten over them. I searched for him on the internet and found his work email. I emailed him and confessed my former feelings. I explained that breaking off our friendship had nothing to do with him having done something wrong, as he had feared. He responded that he forgave me, he was glad for the contact, and that I had opened a can of worms. He wondered if we could make a relationship work.

I was nervous, giddy, beside myself. I didn’t know what to do. My head left me. We continued email correspondence and graduated to instant messenging. We would set up times to IM at night after our spouses were asleep. We would stay up until 2-3am talking and joking and flirting and catching up on the past 8 years or so. It was established that we were both unhappily married and wanted to find happiness elsewhere.

I suggested a meeting one night. I had to kiss him to see if the sparks were real.

Edit: the blog author removed comments because she didn’t like the bickering over the man’s truthfulness, so the man’s story about the affair with the tall woman seems to be gone. What a shame. I’ll leave the link in case she puts it back up.

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