Okay, so I was told by CK that Modern Orthodox look at short sleeved T-Shirts with some reservations. Of course, we assume that Haredim do as well.

I don’t know why, since I do believe that a good deal of how a shirt might look on a person involves the mindset of those who are looking at said T-shirt. But just to doublecheck, and to encourage you, dear Jewlicious readers, to decide for yourselves, I went on a little Google image hunt.

Two women hugging – one with long sleeves, one without. Does one look immodest while the other does not?

A woman with short sleeves hugging a child. The child also has, *gasp*, short sleeves.

Another woman who seems modest. She would probably get a pass in Meah Shearim.

Another woman with short sleeves who might get spat upon, or at least considered as an immodest woman. Notice the evil-looking man in the Blofeld-wants-to-take-over-the-world uniform next to her.

An obviously chaste and modest woman.

Another one wearing short sleeves. If this were my teacher, I would never be able to study.

This one with short sleeves seems to be flirting with me. The gleam in her eye and her bare arms tell me so. Or perhaps she’s just happy because she sells many t-shirts?

Aah, thankfully, she would be fine because she has long sleeves. In fact, if you travel to Russia, you could theoretically meet and marry her.

Four women wearing short sleeves. Is it me, or do you think they would be booted out of Meah Shearim?

And finally, proof positive that long sleeved shirts are indeed one way to know that a woman is modest. Klassy Lady. (Please don’t click on this one at work).

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