so so wrongWell, well, well, look who is donning orange stars of David on their clothes to demonstrate against the disengagement plan. That’s right, the settler movement has decided that it would not only create “civil” disobedience to complicate the pullout from Gaza, but they are also going to paint themselves as equal to Holocaust victims – which, of course, means that the Israeli government and the IDF are the Nazis.

Yup, a disengagement plan, according to these self-righteous, short-sighted, selfish buffoons, is the same as genocide.

Ladies and gentlemen, Arafat, in his grave, is laughing hysterically, as are all of the rest of the Palestinian propagandists and their supporters in the Arab world and the West.

Do you suppose the settlers will make their Thai workers wear the orange stars as well?

Runner up for Buffoon of the Year would be Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire.

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