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  • Some one is trying to get rid of France. It was wishful thinking for someone.

    On a different note if I were going to do that I would have at least left the northern half of Basqland, and named it such. I feel bad for the poor Basqs who were wiped out simply because others not being well respected in the US.

  • Asaf, CK just told me that you have been nominated as the Jewlicious “Serious and Mature Jew” and are so far ahead in the rankings that you’re a shoo-in for the title.

  • I’ll make you a deal. Put the Louvre and the wine country back in, and take out Germany and the Basque land in Northern Spain. What does ” I feel bad for the poor Basqs who were wiped out simply because others not being well respected in the US.” mean? It’s incoherent, and I don’t feel a damn bit sorry for them. If they want autonomy, they should stop blowing stuff up.

  • Little Wolf, the potential list of candidates who would commit this form of country-cide is long. Head over to LGF if you want to see some rabid anti-France sentiments.

  • *sigh* La France…
    At first blush I laughed at the mean spirited sentiment behind “No France,” those arrogant pricks got it comin’ I figured. And yet, when I think about it …

    There are reasons to love France you know. The French Revolution, for all its failures, nonetheless ushered in a movement that swept Europe and led to greater civil and religious liberties for all. The freedom that many in the West enjoy today began… in France.

    France is the country where obtuse continental philosophers like Derrida are not just well regarded – they are rock stars. Men want to be like them and women want to be with them – and their fame, sexiness and appeal are not based on size of their boobs or the tightness of their buttocks, but rather on their intellect. Can you imagine such a thing in Britney and Justin’s America?

    That having been said, it’s not the French that unleashed McDonald’s, Burger King and Wal*Mart on the world. The French did not add Monster Truck Racing, morbid obesity amongst children, Jerry Springer, Jackass, the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and any other number of affronts to the international cultural zeitgeist.

    Of course the French have many, many faults. But still. When I think about it, I don’t feel so smug.

  • Chris:

    It’s nice to know when sarcasm is lost on others. I have no great love of the French. But, if I was remaking a map to remove France, why wipe out the Basques.

    You seem offended by the Basques ‘blowing things up,’ they are doing the same thing the Palestinians are doing. Though they generally try to avoid kill civilians. Purhaps if they did the world would take their side against France and Spain. (I doubt it, but you never know.)


    Been to LGF. The site isn’t that interesting. It has no discussion just a bunch of clones going on and on. Having said that, my entire point in the first set of comments was simple to state that it was someone’s wishful thinking, not ask who would want to do thatt. I sure there are a lot of people who are not on LGF who would be interested in doing it for real.


    Another positive for France, depending on your feelings for the US is that they were the first European country to support the colonies in their bid for freedom from the English Throne. It was more of a self-centered poke in the eye of the English, but it was support non-the-less.

  • Interestingly, Little Wolf, there was a full page ad in the NY Times this weekend by a group denouncing French activities in the Ivory Coast as being a vestige of their colonialist behavior and in complete contradiction to their positions on other areas and conflicts in the workd.

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