I really hope there is no substance to this. AIPAC officials have received subpoenas to appear before a grand jury, and computer files have been taken by the FBI to be investigated. This is regarding the accusations that Larry Franklin, a non-Jewish analyst in the Pentagon, provided information to a couple of leaders of AIPAC who then may have passed the supposedly classified information on to Israel.

For a very long time, I have been hoping that this story will die out. The key FBI official involved seems to have had some issues with Israel in the past, but that will have no meaning if there is even a smidgen of truth to any of these allegations. This is not another Pollard, this is far worse because AIPAC is a significant Jewish organization that is well known in and outside of Washington. When people refer to the “powerful Jewish lobby in DC,” they mean AIPAC.

If there is any truth to this, the repercussions to the American Jewish community and to Israel will be profound.

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