Okay, so I’m being blasted for promoting TV watching. Since I believe in a well rounded childhood experience, and especially because I only want to be blasted (if someone must blast me) for posts where, you know, I take a political position that may upset somebody, I thought it might be worthwhile to recommend a good book for children.

How Does God Make Things Happen?
by Lawrence and Karen Kushner

(I’ve never shopped at this online store, but they promote themselves as “Words for the soul – made in Vermont,” and since that brings up visuals of tall, scented pine trees, little stone paths with snow to the side, and hippie-like, long-haired, vegan, peace-loving Americans, I can’t imagine anything could go wrong buying from them. It might even be better than buying from those hippies in Seattle. Still, caveat emptor.).

By the way, that’s a board book, and I believe it’s the shorter version of the charming book for older kids:

Because Nothing Looks Like God
by Lawrence and Karen Kushner
Full-color illustrations by Dawn Majewski

Hmmm, what is a well rounded childhood experience?

Nintendo X Box
Cartoon Channel
Disney Network
Real World on MTV
Black Sabbath concerts


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  • Hahahah, shame, shame; you added that list to see who hit “more” didn’t you? The book sounds great and will surely be added to my collection when I have kids (as will at least one video from the Oy Baby post).

  • Thanks for this info TM. I’m not a child anymore, darn it, but I am still trying to learn how G_d makes things happen, so I’m buying it for me.