OyThe Fashion of the Prince?

I dunno, this seems to be much ado about nothing. The kid apologized.

According to Haaretz, Rabbi Hier is already making travel plans for Harry, third in line to the British throne. I’m sure Harry will emerge from this completely thrilled with Jews. Now excuse me while I rummage for that pic of Rabin wearing a kaffiyeh.

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  • Hmm, should Harry be more ticked at Jews, or at the Brit tabloids who posted that pic for the whole world to see.

    And the Rabin in keffiyeh remark seems to be comparing apples to oranges if you ask me.

  • I blame it all on the wild popularity of “The Producers” in both London and New York. Spring Time for Hitler and Germany indeed!

  • Geoff, the Nazis were the enemies of the British just like the Arabs are enemies of the Israelis. That the swastika has taken on a far different meaning because of the Nazis’ predilection for genocide is unquestionable, but if you consider the lad wearing the former enemy’s symbol, I would have to say that it’s not that different from Rabin wearing his enemy’s symbol.

    Poor Harry probably doesn’t want to be third in line to the throne. I betcha he just wants to party.

  • The Muffti thinks that ck is just annoyed coz Harry stole his costume idea…we all know, in any case, that the SouthPark producers thought of this a long time ago.

  • TM, well it’s that whole genocide thing that makes the swastika more than just a symbol of a former enemy. Besides, I thought those of photos of Rabin in a keffiyeh were made by his political enemies with the intention of being offensive.

  • Geoff,

    Oh! I thought he wore them on one of his visits with Bedouin sheikhs. Although they were used in the incitement campaign against him which may or may not (depending who you believe)have resulted in his murder.

  • TM,

    You could be right actually. That was just my impression of their genesis. I’ll leave it to someone more knowledgeable than me to set one of us straight.

  • Geoff, sometimes it’s best not to know the truth but to make it up as we go along…

  • I don’t know what all the fuss is about. The British had a large fascist movement before WWII, currently tollerate Islamic Fascists in many muslim countries, and at home in the UK, and the whole notion of a Royal Family, that rules by right and not merit, seems totalitarian. Harry is just doing what his genes tell him to! Spring Time for Harry!

  • Oy. Now not only am I not gonna be invited to join that delegation to the Vatican but I can forget dinner at Buckingham Palace as well. Oh, Rabbi Yo! Gimme a call!

  • I think the only things the royal family rules nowadays are the front pages of the Brit tabloids.

  • Lay off the lad; he’s only the turd in line for the British crown.