YowIf I were a straight man …

His last Broadway role was as Edna Turnblad, the (huuuge) mother in Hairspray. And now, in what is either a genius move or the product of too many long nights huffing really bad drugs and then chasing it all down with gallons of Manischewitz plonk, the next Tevye will be swishy actor Harvey Fierstein. Fierstein will be replacing Alfred Molina today in the Broadway revival of Fiddler on the Roof – should be interesting, especially considering how sensitive Fierstein seems to be:

I used to go home from “Torch Song Trilogy” and just cry for an hour. Now, I can’t even make it through the scene at the train station [in which Tevye bids farewell to his second daughter] – with the stage manager – without breaking down. With my feet tied up in my shoes, pinching myself, and still I look up at God and say, “Take care of her,” and I’m done. I have to get out of that rehearsal room so fast, because the audience should cry, not you. I can’t be too aware of it. My kishkes are on the floor. That’s the other thing. This show has made me so Jewish.

Ought to be interesting. So now when your Auntie Mina from New Jersey comes to visit with her girlfriends, you’ll have something, uh… fun to do. Yeah.

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  • Of what? A scantily clad Edgar Bronfman? Elliot Spitzer in bondage gear? Luckily, we have all kinds of lovelies just hangin’ out at the office, ready to strike a pose for a good cause. Ahhh… sometimes it’s good to be ck.

  • By the way, the visual of Elliot Spitzer in bondage gear is quite off-putting, although it might make many on Wall Street crack a big wide grin.

  • Yes. Yes I do. If not for the poor settlers of Gush Katif torn from the houses they built with blood sweat and tears, if not for the people of Israel being pulled this way and that way by well meaning and committed zealots on both sides, if not for the soul of Judaism in its constant struggle with G*d, then at least for the fact that random babes hangin out in your immediate vicinity is a possibility that’s long, long gone in your life.

    But I know, and you know that you wouldn’t have it any other way. So stop pretending. 😉

  • Chaval. It’s an awesome video, feeds into all your deepest fantasies and worst fears wrt to your little babysitter ….

  • Maybe so, but having my fantasies fulfilled is not worth the invasiveness of Real Player on my itty bitty computer.

  • Lol Oy, you know what, I’m a good babysitter and she only makes $6/h while I make a wopping $10/h. I think thats so much better! And good girls can be sexy too! 0:-)

  • Cuz she’s a “bad” babysitter, got her boyfriend in the shower, she’s makin 6 bucks an hour … when you babysit Rina, I doubt you bring your boyfriend into the shower? No. Of course not. That’s why you get the BIG BUCKS!