This is why CK will not be representing world Jewry at the Vatican anytime soon. To recap, CK last told us here:

Whatever. Lending us stuff that belongs to us to begin with and then getting thanked for it? Talk about chutzpah!

and later,

Yeah. It would be as if that douchebag who broke into my apartment and stole my digital camera came back and graciously agreed to lend it to me. I’ll allow our spineless thankful Jewish leaders to be gracious. Me? I’m nobody. This allows me the privilege of speaking my mind. So forgive me if I am less than effusive in my praise.

Now let’s contrast that with our fellow Jews who will be visiting the Vatican soon. They are going there to express gratitude for:

…the Vatican’s diplomatic recognition of Israel, the pope’s pronouncement that anti-Semitism is a sin, the pope’s request to the Jews for forgiveness for Catholic actions against the Jews and the pontiff’s visit to Israel in 2000

So are there problems? Sure there are. For example, this Pope wants to beatify Pope Pius who wrote a letter ordering Catholics and Catholic institutions to keep Jewish Holocaust babies and children who had been baptized. Also, it is rumored that the Vatican has other, very rare antiquities that would be of great value to the Jewish people which haven’t been exposed or revealed publicly.

Also, apparently it took 2 years to get the Vatican to loan the Maimonades manuscripts, although they were kind and forthcoming enough to agree in the first place.

On the other hand, this group was told, in no uncertain terms, that if they bring up these and other certain issues, their visit will end right then and there.

So I guess there’s going to be a very pleasant meeting between a Jewish-friendly Pope, 160 rabbis and other Jewish leaders (CK won’t be in attendance on grounds that he might blurt out something unpleasant), and they will all be joined by a huge and invisible elephant somewhere right in the middle of the room.

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  • I can’t believe you forgot to mention my visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, site of Christ’s crucifixion. For the record, I didn’t blurt out anything inapropriate, nor was I escorted out. I’d be a fine representative of World Jewry.

    OK, I was, as the picture shows, wearing a “Christ Killer” t-shirt on the very spot where the crucifixion took place, but still, there’s sound theological grounds for that. Really. I think It’d be great to go to the Vatican and chill with the Pope.

    But it’s OK. I’ll wait till that French / Jewish dude Lustiger becomes Pope. Then I’ll spend like, Shavuot in Vatican city and when I meet Pope Shlomo I or whatever he’s gonna be called, I can say “Gut Yontiff, Pontif.” That would be a dream come true.

  • Yeah, your visit to the Church of the Holy Sephulcre is proof positive that you deserve to be Israel’s ambassador to the Vatican.

  • And lets not forget my many years spreading the love amongst the mostly Catholic residents of Quebec, New Orleans and Paris.

  • From NY to Jerusalem, no one seems to react violently to that shirt. Is it too subtle? Perhaps it needs a graphic representation of the words themselves? Or perhaps a rebus? If an incendiary slogan emblazoned chestally doesn’t provoke the way it’s supposed to, can you return it?

    FWIW, when I was a kid, my family went to Israel and we visited the C of the HS. My brother was extremely sick that day, and almost vomited at the exact place of the crucifixion. In my family, to this day, it’s “Hey, remember when Sim almost caused an international incident at the C of the HS?”

    Was this comment supposed to be about you? The Vatican? Who remembers…

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