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  • Geoff: The Peugeot would have fallen apart before the terrorist got to his target. Way to scoop me T_M 😉

  • CK, just trying to lighten up your workload before you leave. You do recall that I’m going to be busy while you’re away, right?

  • That is totally, totally sick. WHAT aspect of the car — the VW Polo — were they really trying to show? That it’s “tough?”

    I’d say “insane.” IMHO, just don’t buy the car for this reason alone.

  • Ok, if this is a real ad, I admit to being very surprised that anyone made it. That said, I am apparently the only person here who finds this ad funny.

    (a) Terrorist made to look bad. Note the very normal, friendly people who he is trying to kill).

    (b) Connection made with Palestinian terrorists. The scarf will remind many of Arafats kefiyah. I admit that it does feed into the ugly “Arabs are bad and scary” stereotype.

    (c) Terrorist foiled…kills only himself. We always like when that happens. Admit it. When you see that in the paper, you have a sense of gratification.

    (d) VW proud that their car cannot be used as a terrorist weapon by Islamists. Ok, so its not realistic, but that’s not the point.

    I laughed. I’m sorry.

  • I agree. Funny and tasteless.

    I can’t wait until some washing machine manufacturer does a commercial where it launders bloody, shredded clothes to a spanking clean white.

  • Oh, good…

    I was watching it at work trying not to laugh so loud I would attract attention.

    My vote firmly in the funny column.

  • Ok, I don’t feel like some freaky loner with a bizarre sense of humor, now. Apparently, we just need to break the ice and laugh where laughs were earned. So, anyone know from whence came this ad or ad-parody?

  • So far, we just have the Hungarian connection at Judapest. Have you guys visited their blog? I don’t speak Hungarian but it looks damn good!

  • Probably Not Real, Still Pretty Cool
    I was just over at Jewlicious and came across this post which takes you to a supposed VW ad. She says it’s tasteless.

    Personally, she’s right, but it’s still pretty funny, too.

  • Aww.. I love you guys. I’m sorry for calling you morons(at some point in time)