The other day I was at a friend’s house full of little children. He put on a DVD that completely captivated them and I thought was great. Oy Baby is a small company that has put out this video. It is a Jewish interpretation of the Baby Einstein series (trust me, your grandmother will buy these for your kids when you have them), only instead of brainwashing the little ones with images of trains and puppies, Oy Baby does the trick with Judaica and other Jewish objects and ideas.

The creators of the DVD are a Jewish couple from the Pacific Northwest, Rob and Lisi Wolf, and I hope they’re making some money with this because they’ve done a terrific job. Seriously, go out and buy one for your nieces and nephews, or your own kids if you are so blessed. Oh, did I mention that the wife of this couple is Sephardic? Right there, you have good reason to shop from them.

Did I also mention that the soundtrack is quite good? Turns out that Lisi had been at Bnai Brith as a youth with Stephanie Schneiderman. And it turns out that not only does Stephanie compose and sing quite beautifully, and not only does she have two sisters who sing beautifully, but they’re all Jewish hotties!

Seriously, they take some classic Hebrew songs and sing them (with really heavy American accents) beautifully. The arrangements are great and combined with the visuals, the music truly complements the video. Small bonus here: Stephanie is a recording artist who is very talented and you can find her music here including some downloads that left me wanting to hear more.

Nope, I have no financial connection to these people and had never heard of them until I saw their video while surrounded by little children. Their good work deserves praise and support.

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