Richard GereWhat do you get when you combine a fading actor, 2 clerics and a slickly produced TV ad? A potent message combining religion and Hollywood glamor that will prove irresistible to Palestinian voters.

Gere, together with two religious officials, recorded a public service announcement calling on Palestinians to vote in the Jan. 9 election to replace Yasser Arafat.

“Hi, I’m Richard Gere and I’m speaking for the entire world. We’re with you during this election time. It’s really important: Get out and vote,” Gere said, according to a transcript of the announcement obtained by The Associated Press.

According to Fathi Darwish, the Palestinian rep of One Voice, the non-profit that commissioned the Public Service Announcement, the ad is set to be aired on Palestinian TV and Arabic satellite channels in the next few days. How effective will the ad be? I mean besides the fact that the winner has already been determined now that Marwan Barghouti was urged not to run. Well, one of the clerics, Atallah Hanah, spokesman for the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, said about Gere, “I’ve never heard of him before.” Guess he never saw Pretty Woman. Or uh… Shall We Dance.

And lets not forget the disaster that ensued the last time Gere was involved in the Middle East – I’m talking about the bomb 1985 movie, King David. Well, whatever, vote and vote often!

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  • Fading actor? Whatever, Richard Gere is HOT. I don’t know how he does it, but he just gets hotter all the time!!!

  • What baffles is me is the the fact that Richard Gere thinks he can have an impact on palestinians. In case he hadn’t noticed palestinians, indeed often Muslims, are not so keen on Americans let alone those that fancy themselves important because they are famous.
    I found the whole thing a bit bizarre. Coz what palestinian is gonna think “well I’m gonna vote coz Richard Gere told me I should!”.

  • Isn’t it just a LITTLE arrogant for Richard Gere to state that he is speaking for the ‘whole world.’ Frankly, I can speak for myself.

  • Patty, Richard Gere is NOT hot! And all this time I thought I knew you…

  • When Gere goes to heaven, ya think he will get 72 gerbils?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist…

  • Ok, before all you Richard Gere fans start subjecting me to insults and outrage.

    I know it is an urban legend with no basis in fact.

    Richard Gere has never shown up in a hospital with a rodent up his butt. He did star in a film called. “Dr. T and the Women” co-starring Tara Reid, which is where I suspect the confusion started.

  • josh: Never apologize for Hebrew. for the record, I read, write and speak Hebrew. As does the ever tasteful tiff. And you all really should read kenny’s article – gives us some more background on the asswipes Gere chose to associate himself with in that commercial. No wonder Gere’s spokesperson had no comment.

  • At long last, why can’t the Hollywood types just please sit down and shut-up, unless it is to entertain us with their movie acting and dysfunctional personal lives.

    I don’t care about their dumb political opinions for heaven sake.

  • Like what? Before ck sees it and gets all hot and bothered, and hops on a freight train to Toronto and finds out where celelstial works and lives based on her IP address and starts stalking her, plaintively wailing day and night “but you said you needed to MARRY meeeeee!”

    Heh. That would be cool.

  • LOL! well I have Hebrew class tonight and I am months behind.. I sure could use a tutor.
    *nudge nudge, wink wink*
    me likes the boys who speak hebrew.
    hubba hubba!!

  • Amart sheh titchatni itiiiii!!!

    Sounds like the chorus of a really bad Mizrachi song.

  • see me now as I swoon at the sound of Hebrew….


    it’s a sad but true.
    now if only I could learn the language I’d be SO set.
    Off to class it is…

  • I just saw what looks like a billboard for Abu Mazen. I hope to get to it on Friday and find out what it says. Maybe they’ll be handing out buttons, sickers and ‘rock the vote’ tees and halter tops?