Bold BluffWhat do you do when the cards in your hand stink but the pot has already sucked up too much of your cash? You bluff.

That’s right, you bluff. What else are you going to do? Fold?

Nah, folding is for wimps. Folding is for namby pamby do gooder Lefty terrorist-lovin’ hippies. Folding is for wusses who don’t understand the enemy. Folding is for yefei nefesh (beautiful of heart, or bleeding hearts) and overweight prime ministers who may have spent their lives serving the country on the battlefield and the political arena but have gone senile about Israel’s security in their old age. Folding is for, well, it’s for guys who work, do miluim, spend half their income on taxes, live on overdraft and simply can’t spend days and days protesting against the Government. Folding is for fryerim (suckers).

Shalom Gaza

But that’s not our Israeli settlers. Nope. That’s not for our Gaza and West Bank settlers. No siree. Our settlers bluster and bluff.

You got 7500 settlers living among 1.2 million Palestinians? We’ll put on orange stars of David and compare their removal to genocide.

Countless dollars wasted and (more important) numerous lives of both civilians (Jew and Arab) and soldiers (Jew and Arab in the IDF) killed and ruined to support a piece of land which has virtually no historic value unless you are a descendant of the Philistines? We’ll force these soldiers to leave their families, do miluim and risk their lives and safety to remove not only us, but our supporters (who are afraid their settlements are next) who are moving into our area just for this purpose. We’ll be sure to pelt them with rotten eggs, tomatoes and sewage water so these comfortable Tel Avivians understand how hard it is to live out here.

A democratically elected parliament and government have passed all the necessary tests in order to remove us from this godforsaken piece of land? We’ll claim there is about to be insurrection and refusal on a scale of thousands of active and reserve soldiers if this goes ahead. We’ll be sure to call the democratic process undemocratic just to make sure they can justify their refusal.

The undemocratic argument falls on deaf ears? We’ll get the Chief Rabbi of the IDF to claim that if a former chief rabbi (Shapira) instructs him to join the refusal, he would. Then, after we drop the hint, we’ll have him back off. Hamevin yavin (those who understand, will understand).

What are they doing this for, our hypocritical Gaza settlers who have no compunction about taking from the State of Israel when they need; who have no complaints about the thousands of soldiers and gobs of military equipment who protect them from harm when those soldiers are doing their bidding; who are glad to participate in the government and Knesset when their needs are served, especially when they get special treatment over average Israelis; and who have no difficulty attacking refuseniks on the Left for their disloyalty to the State?

They are doing this to prevent 7500 settlers from vacating an area from which no Palestinian suicide bomber has entered Israel and where a fence has sealed off from Israel a hostile population. They are doing this so Israel cannot, in one stroke, eliminate 1.2 of 3 million Palestinians who are now living under Israeli rule. They are doing this so that legions of soldiers will continue to risk themselves to protect 0.085% of Israel’s Jewish population when the same significant resources could be utilized to protect much larger patches of Israel’s population.

And what will the settlers get for their trouble? Well, if they succeed, they will have undermined the IDF, its legitimacy and its strength forever. They will undermine Israel’s democratic character forever. They will establish that Israel is actually a nascent theocracy, not a secular Western democracy. They will ensure that Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, and the single-state-solution loonie Left will use the same tactics when it’s their turn to whine.

Sometimes, if your cards stink, even when you have a lot invested in the pot, it’s best to fold.

Story about settler leaders threating IDF Chief of Staff with refusal to serve of thousands of soldiers.

Rabbis, including some who serve in the IDF come out publicly with their intention to refuse to participate in the evacuation.

Soldiers protecting an outpost in the West Bank lose their water supply when settlers opposed to their legal, government sanctioned evacuation, sabotage their equipment and supplies and violently attack Israeli police.

Red faced IDF Chief of Staff Ya’alon meekly accepts explanation of IDF Chief Rabbi who publicly states that he would refuse to obey orders to evacuate if given such instruction by another rabbi.

Somebody please stop the madness.

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