Judapest has done it again. Today they link up to the book “Torah Yoga: Experiencing Jewish Wisdom Through Classic Postures

This highly original book introduces a fascinating new approach to yoga and Torah by combining the practice of classic yoga postures with traditional and mystical Jewish wisdom. Each chapter begins by presenting a central Jewish spiritual concept that engages readers of all faiths on a personal level. It offers an in-depth exploration of the concept, quoting and commenting on sacred Jewish texts from the Pentateuch (Five Books of Moses) and other sources. It then guides its readers with mastery and clarity through a meditation and a set of fundamental yoga postures–clearly illustrated by beautiful photographs–for both beginning and advanced yoga students. The Torah concept is actualized and experienced through the practice of these postures. Torah Yoga helps to heighten awareness of body, mind, and spirit—it illuminates the heart of Jewish wisdom.

Also today on Judapest, they have an English translation of a very moving tribute to the Hungarians killed in the Holocaust. In some ways, this short piece affected me in a way that all of the political rememberances and commemorations have not.

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  • Yep, the book is for real. I bought it via Amazon in the UK a few weeks ago and now getting round to reading it.

    despite the awful cover image, it is for both men and women.



  • Once you get your book, let’s compare notes about it.

    As I said be warned, the cover is pretty bad but the message inside is good.



  • ps: I’m sure most of you know this classic gem of jewish jokes but just in case someone missed out:

    Two Yeshiva students are discussing whether it is allowed to smoke while learning Torah. But they cannot reach any agreement.
    So Yankel says to Moishe, “We will go and ask the Rebbe.”
    When they find the Rabbi, Yankel asks him, “Rebbe, is it permitted to smoke while learning Torah?”
    The rabbi replies in a severe tone of voice: “Certainly not!”
    Moishe then addresses the Rabbi, “Rebbe, let me ask you another question. May we learn Torah while we smoke?”
    The Rabbi immediately replies, with a warm smile, “Yes, of course!”

    Shada:i (Judapest)