gwen on da roofThe Jerusalem post reports that Gwen Stefani’s new song, Rich Girl, was reviewed and approved by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock, the original lyricist and composer respectively, for Fiddler on the Roof.

Speaking from his home in New York, Harnick told The Jerusalem Post: “About six months ago, Dr. Dre – a very reputable and contemporary artist – contacted the Rodgers and Hammerstein office (publishers of the song) and said he wanted to do this record. He sent [Jerry and me] what he intended to do so we could look at it. We listened to the sample record and we both thought it was a great song.”

Harnick is 80 and is pleased with the song’s popularity, especially with his grandchildren, as he puts it “I guess you could now say that grandpa’s hip.”

As opposed to “grandpa’s broken his hip.” Ouch. Thank you folks, you’ve been a lovely audience, I’ll be here all week! You may watch Gwen’s video by clicking here.

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  • There’s an older “Rich Girl” song, by i think Lady Saw. Since i heard that one first, Gwen Stefani’s song just sounds sorta wrong to me.

  • Oh, and, uh… PS and stuff.
    The video is just coming up as audio… blank screen.

  • truth be told, I used to really like Gwen Stefani. Back in the day, Eugene Levy of Rolling Stone called her “the most captivating female stage presence of the 90’s.” Agreed.

    While I still dig her on a certain level (she’s hot, you can’t deny it), I feel like her lyrics, which used to often embody that beautiful strength/vulnerability conflict, or at least used to be clever, have become so uninteresting. Rich girl could have been so much…more. I was kind of disappointed.

  • I agree with Laya that Gwen’s done better work…but her abs are still very impressive. I so wish I could do platinum. Hair or records, I don’t really care which. Though if I had one, the other would probably soon follow.

  • Does gwen even give props or thanks to lady saw for stealing her song?
    Cause they say it was off of fiddler on the roof, when it’s the exact same song that lady saw does. I’m a bit confused. did she steal it, or is she trying to pass it off as her own?

    Yes, i too used to love her, but now, shes all about the pop idol and her brand of clothes. What happend to her when she used to be herself, and not trying to be someone else? She used to be amazing! Where did she go?

  • yeah i dont really love gwens song – i used to love the song rich girls by lady saw . and gwens song is good but it just seems fake ..

  • Are all you people high. This song is a disgrace. Fiddler on the roof was a timeless tribute unbeleivable cast and melodies.

    Gwen has just done what “rappers” “pop” people can’t be creative enough to come up with an original song, or have someone write it for them so they remake an old song. Nelly “n dey say”, etc.

    It’s one thing to make another version of the SAME song- which is another issue b-cause most instances they turn out like crap- but she is such a hypocrat. WHy did she sell out. Um….wasn’t “ska” genre of No doubt anti pop and everyone. THey really were talented. The question is why did she have to stoop so low as to brag about being shallow and rich with Eve and having lamberghinis???

    This is pathetic… usual.

  • i fink da song is bos its very unusual 4 gwen stefani an its got a gd melody an beat an i love eve’s rap at da beginning an at da end its one of the best songs this yr peacexx

  • I used to LOVE Gwen Stefani in No Doubt she was GREAT!!! But now shes all pop/r’n’b its all shit! I liked ‘rich girl’ but it got overplayed so its shit now too! Lady Saw’s version is really GOOD! Its great.

  • Gwen’s Abs in Fidler
    I found this in the comments section of a blog article on Gwen’s new release of “Rich Girl”. It’s perfect……

  • i’m your biggest of all time ilove you music you tottaly rock i just like you so much you are so cute funky and cool your biggest fan woooooooooooooooo

  • gwen u rock! ur the best singer i’v know i love all of ur songs but the 2 i like the best is hallaback girl & rich girls

  • Gwen is hot. The only thing i can take issue with is her, ahem, role in the aviator.
    Laya: Gwen still totally rocks. So her lyrics are not as conflicted and vulnerable as she used to be but you can’t hold that against her, she’s changed. At any rate, she’s happy and having fun.
    I still love her, only slightly more than i used to because she dares to be herself.
    Betsy, you’re so wrong: she’s so not trying to be someone else. Sometimes eccentrics are popular because they make eccentricity cool.