Jerusalem, OntarioOy.

It’s snowing in Jerusalem. As you can see I am very pleased about that. I mean snow? I coulda stayed in Canada for that. You all were talking about Jerusalem, Kenya but now I am thinking it’s more like Jerusalem, Ontario.

Speaking of Ontario, turns out that Toronto teen, Eliyahu Yehoshua Veffer goes to Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto – same school grandmuffti went to. Veffer is suing the Candian government so that it may properly list his place of birth on his passport as Jerusalem, Israel. Muffti however, is probably passed out drunk in some alley in New Orleans. But I digress …

Veffer’s court action should be a slam dunk. I mean the Canadian Minister of Justice and Attorney General is none other than Irwin Cotler, a 2003 winner of the Jerusalem Prize. In accepting his award, Cotler stated:

A gratified Cotler said Jerusalem holds deep symbolic significance for him and his family. “Jerusalem is not only a city, it is a heritage,” he said. “Jerusalem is not only the capital of Israel, but it is at the epicenter of Jewish history. Jerusalem is not only a place where people live, but where lives are transformed.”

Cotler works in Ottawa, which is also in Ontario. The Canadian government has yet to move their embassy to Jerusalem, but surely allowing “Jerusalem, Israel” to be written on a passport ought to be something they can swing. I mean, dude! Irwin Cotler is Minister of Justice, Attorney General and winner of the Jerusalem Prize. Can ya help us out Irwin?

I’m not holding my breath. In the meantime, Jerusalem, Ontario seems like a pretty appropriate apellation.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • ck – snow is very spiritual. just as each snowflake is unique, so is every neshama. so imagine there you are in the heart of the city that is the heart of the world , contemplating the vastness of creation and its design. we envy you ck.

  • Yet another reason to choose Tel Aviv over Jerusalem: it never snows here. (okay, we get the odd bit of hail now and then, but still…)

  • Snow in J-town is the best. The city can’t handle it and the snow deprived Israelis flip out. I’ve seen people jarring it to bring back to show their friends in Tel Aviv.

  • funny you should mention the snow in Jerusalem coz this morning as I was driving to work in the RAIN, I was thinking… what the hey?? If I wanted rain the winter I’d move to Israel. As it is, I live in TORONTO, so where’s my damn snow?? How can it be that it’s snowing in Israel and raining in Canada??
    maybe it’s got something to do with the Sharm Summit. lol

  • So there’s snow in Jerusalem, rain in Toronto, and Sunday was one of the nicest days we’ve had in San Francisco. Warm and sunny (which *never* happens here). What is this world coming to?

  • Muffti can’t believe that jewlicious has devolved into talk about the weather. It’s as though his grandparents are running a blog. It’s overcast and mild here.

    Michael looks good in his new ‘Challah hu akbar’ tee.

  • Muffti is happy to say that Lundi Gras past with no arrests or, pace ck’s predictions, passing out in alleys. We (Muffti, Michael and Johnathon) started out watching the Orpheus parade, with notable float ‘St. George and the Dragon’ and walked down to Canal. There we stood trying to catch beads while total frat boy enthusiastic young college students competed to catch beads being thrown. The classic quote Johnathon heard was “dude, remember that fishing trip? I was so f*&(ing wasted that I was f*&^ed up!” Well, who would fish sober? Anyhow, parade done we went through the french quarter drinking Jaegermeister shots, then hurricanes. We stopped at Cafe du Monde for some coffee and little powdery sugar donuts whose name Muffti can’t spell. Anyhow, then we headed out to bourbon street and drank some more and caught beads (Muffti’s pecks are worth something! Lifting weights really has made a difference!). The rest of the time invovled seeing some boobs, drinking more, talking to Jesus freaks (one of whom had a sign that listed ALL the bad things you could be and being a jew wasn’t on it. We have a pic if anyone wants). Anyhow, as Michael mentioned, we flew back in cab at an average speed of a million and left rather shaken.

    Anyhow, I tried to follow Rabbi Yonah’s advice and bring a spiritual element to the whole matter. While we have no snow here, it seems just about as likely that every breast is qualitative as that snow flakes are. Similarly every neshama is unique. So, I suppose that while I’m not in the holiest city on earth, I can still find some meaning the next time a boob for beads exchange takes place.

  • Muffti can’t believe that jewlicious has devolved into talk about the weather. It’s as though his grandparents are running a blog.


  • muffti: Those sugary doughnuts at cafe du monde are called beignets. As for the sacredness of exposed boobs, well, I have no comment.

    Now, as far as Jewlicious devolving, what do you people not read??? The post had a MAJOR subtext about the designation “Jerusalem, Israel” being verbotten in Canada (and the US just for the record) and how stupid that is given that our Attorney General and Minister of Justice is a Jewish, Zionist recipient of the Jerusalem prize. What a weenie! Did you guys not notice that or are all you shmendricks just reading challenged?

  • TM.. i think CK looks HOT just the way he is..leave him alone…heheh

  • Niss, did I say he wasn’t hot? Now, seriously, if you think he’s hot, please go to Israellicool and vote for Jewlicious. 😉

  • yaaa..lets got for a stroll by the does look nice!!..

    ps: i just voted.. 😉

  • Muffti has forgotten several key aspects of the journey. First, he indulged in a very, very unkosher animal purchased from a street vendor — alligator.

    Second, the night’s intake also included hand grenades and beers quaffed at an Irish pub that I used to play the drums in a band at. And probably some other stuff. And immature antics involving beignets.

    Also, a thirsty marshmallow.

    I recall Muffti and I tried to have a conversation about Orthodox Judaism and the documentary hypothesis over the din of the Orpheus parade. I’m not sure why.

    My favorite quote of the evening was a very drunk girl on Bourbon Street staring at me and going, “Whaaaaaaaaaat is an Orthodox Jeeeeewwwww doing heeeeeeerrrrreeee?”

    Good question, random drunk girl. Good question.

    P.S. Muffti has all the smutty pictures, but forgot to bring his camera upload cable.

  • Hey, ck, you should check your moderation queue, because I think it caught the post I just made with a few links to pictures detailing the night’s festivities.

  • Muffti indeed did forget some of that stuff; appologies. You can see why he’d want to forget the faux-snorting. As for smutty pics, there aren’t that many; just enough to prove that he was there.

  • Its very sad…. I live in a little Southern California city called Simi Valley… It has never snowed here in all my 16 years of life and I have been in contact with actual snow a total of 4 times!

  • I have to agree with niss. While my time with “ck” has come and gone, I must say he is beautiful both inside and out. Don’t let him tell you otherwise. And ladies, the boy is talented if you know what I mean. Trust me on this. I know he’s single now. Take advantage! Sorry ck. I hope I didn’t embarass you.

  • While ck is probably not embarrassed, Muffti is definitely grossed out.

  • grossed out? if you want to see grossed out you shoulda seen me and phil that night we were watching TV and you were entertaining shooter girl and waxing poetic about the wonders of rembrandt toothpaste in amsterdam.

  • Muffti saw Phil a few months back. He’s recovered nicely. You just a li’l wus thas all. Some day Muffti will have to inform poor shooter girl that Rembrandt was an artist. Hopefully before she goes on a toothpaste quest in Amsterdam.