still a classicI’m afraid.

Very afraid.

I post things and ck lets me know that what I thought is interesting was actually ancient news and, well, ancient. This makes me feel…old. Tired. Uncool.

What’s worse, I like to visit Judapest, in part because they sometimes post interesting items that are unknown to me. But in one of my last posts that came through Judapest, I was told by the INTERNET GURU that not only was my topic ancient and therefore uncool, but that perhaps being in Hungary, the Judapestians (Judapests?) are, you know, a step or three behind the really cool folks in, uh, Montreal.

So it is with great, great fear – not only for myself, but for those poor Jewlicious Hungarians – that I introduce you to the Bar Mitzvah Disco. I especially recommend the gallery.

Hat tip to Judapest. ­čśë

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  • *sigh* TM.

    Barmitzvah disco is indeed a cool site. But when we started Jewlicious it had already been all over the Jewish Internet. I mean ALL over. The site is also a long standing element of say… Jewschool’s blog roll. So look, its not that either you or Judapest aren’t cool. Not at all. You’re just a little behind. But it is a very, very funny site. Now please, don’t post about this cool new magazine you just read called Heeb, ok? That’s been done too.

    Kidding. It’s nice to be reminded of the classics.

  • you such a bad ass mosaic hipster moby!
    seriously though… why are you still sober???


  • See, TM, that’s how it feels to be told by some schmuck who has nothing better to do than look at the internet all day long that your news is old news. In a recent story, Muffti was told by some schmuck who has nothing better to do than look at the internet all day long TM that his story was old news. Wouldn’t it be better if we all just congratulated one another for participating as we saw fit?

  • Muffti, you should be assisting me here, you traitor.

    Anyway, I may be a schmuck, and I may spend an inordinate number of hours on the Internet, but it is not because I have nothing better to do. Au contraire, mon traitorous ami, I do it because it’s how I earn the bread that puts the roof over the head and the butter on the table. As much as I love you guys, I’d rather be at the beach with a good book or magazine.

  • Hee hee hee. I’m lovin’ it. Did someone say “the beach?” Stay tuned …

    No but in all seriousness, I thought given all the ribbing I graciously take from you fine fellows, that a little ribbing in return wouldn’t be the cause of very childish moaning and groaning like a bunch or weenies consternation. You know its all in good fun, right?

  • Of course. And you know it’s all in good fun too, right?

    Although some Hungarian Jews might be justifiably hurt…

  • Now, now. I totally like that guy and his blog (the parts I can understand) and he totally scooped us on the fake VW ad so, you know, props!

  • Sorry, TM. Muffti will never do the Italian thing again. Muffti is on your team til the end or something better comes along.

  • Wait, TM, youaren’t a jewish hottie who forgives my treachery?!? Muffti has been barking up the wrong tree for quite a while now…

  • Um, I think I’ve developed a tiny crush on the young woman with the braces t-shirt.

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