All this talk of a cease fire with the Palestinians, not to mention Condi’s charming smile and blatant arm-twisting, is making Israelis consider a peaceful time without bombings and attacks. Confused by the calm, not unlike those caged mice who expect the next electric shock even when none is coming, Israelis are feeling suspicious and a little jittery. To help these poor Jews who have no idea why nobody is trying to blow them up when they go out to dinner, an Israeli weapons manufacturer has come to the rescue.

Displaying a fierce loyalty to the nation and its sense of Zionist camaraderie under fire, this weapons manufacturer ramdomly shot a few mortar shells which promptly ruined some people’s supper. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, and even the people on a certain other unnamed website did not raise the issue of apartheid in their posts because the manufacturer sent three of the mortar shells into a Jewish city, and one into an Arab village. Seeing as the Arab Israelis only have about 20% of the population inside Israel, we shortly expect demonstrations from Israeli Jews about this disproportionate use of Israeli assets.

Tomorrow, there is an expectation that concerned citizens will try to shoot at Egged bus tires in order to give nostalgic bus passengers a good jump. Hilarity will ensue, I’m sure.

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