Mmm. Taltalim.And basketballicious

First Israeli-native and hip-hop violinist Miri Ben-Ari wins a Grammy for co-writing the Best Rap Song Of The Year, Jesus Walks, with Kanye West. This highlights an already impressive career that began with a 2001 collaboration with Wycleff Jean. Since then she’s played with such notable artists as Jay-Z, Britney Spears and Brandy. Look out for her upcoming album, a solo debut called The Hip Hop Violinist, featuring appearances by West, Anthony Hamilton, John Legend, Scarface, Mya and Lil Mo. You can also read a good interview with her written by Harry in Israel 21c where she discusses her army experience amongst other things.

All that is very cool of course. But then she goes off and performs at the 2005 NBA All Star Game in Denver last Saturday (see pic). Now THAT’s really cool. Um… “Startstruck much?” you might ask? Well geez, who can resist those taltalim (?????? – gorgeous curls)?

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