Yes, free will.

As everybody and their snitch knows, Israeli security services gather information from many sources including Palestinians who provide information of military and intelligence value about other Palestinians. In reality, these men are heroes, saving the lives of many Israelis as well as other Palestinians. They are perceived as traitors by other Palestinians and have been summarily executed on the streets (list was cut off in 2003 but there have been many more than those listed) .

So this week, a Palestinian court in the new era of Abbas’s PA has handed an accused “collaborator” a life sentence. The young man,

Sayyed Rasas, 24, of the Maghazi refugee camp, was found guilty by a PA military court of assisting Israel in the killing of wanted gunmen and of tipping off the IDF about the location of roadside bombs and a factory for manufacturing rockets.

The Palestinians were very pleased with the sentence and the court took great pride in noting that Rasas had confessed all of his alleged “crimes” of his own free will.

The court forgot to mention that since taking over in January, PA Chairman Abbas has

instructed the PA’s mufti to authorize the executions of another 47 criminals and “informants” who have been on the death row for the past few years.

Gotta love free will.

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  • Something usually overlooked is the fact that not all of these ‘collaborators’ are ‘snitches’. Many of them are/were liberals, gays, and/or moderates that might have wanted peace with Israel. It’s just very convenient to label them all ‘collaborators’ and for the entire media to swallow this each time.

    Where are all the human rights organizations now?

  • Seriously, the human rights organizations tend to comment on these killings, but also tend to consider them – much like most of the Left – as a natural byproduct of the Palestinian national struggle.

  • Is it sad, but that this guy received “merely” a life sentence is actually probably good news.