Would you buy a used car from this man?Phew. We can all rest easy now

No offense, but I trust Russian President Vladimir Putin about as much as I trust an Iranian Ayatollah. So when he says stuff like this:

The latest steps from Iran confirm that Iran does not intend to produce nuclear weapons and we will continue to develop relations in all spheres, including the peaceful use of nuclear energy… We hope that Iran will strictly adhere to all international agreements, in relation to Russia and the international community.

I just can’t help but think the man’s being a little disingenuous. I mean how is Iran supposed to follow through on its continuous, almost tiresome threats to wipe Israel off the face of the earth? A Soviet Russian assisted, nuclear weapons development program sounds like a good place to start. I mean seriously… “We hope that Iran will strictly adhere to all international agreements?” That’s like “We hope that Santa Claus will visit us this Christmas and that monkeys will fly out of Muffti’s ass at the wedding of ck and Natalie Portman.” Sheesh.

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  • Russia is always been a problem, even the last 15 years theyve been quiet only due to the demands of the current world situation. but put a former KGB guy at the head and its only a matter of time till we have another cold war

  • Let’s not forget they’ve just gone back to that old tried and true selling of SAMs to Syria.

  • and if we want to talk history, there’s the Russian backed populist overthrow of the Shah which ended up putting the Mulahs in power. But everyone here knows that already.

  • Muffti wants to know. <voice style=”cartman”>Why does everything posted on this site involve things coming in, or going out, of HIS ASS!</voice>

    Aren’t HTML jokes funny?

  • Natalie is mine, you evil mormon!

    Long live the ass-monkies!

  • Now if we read Vlad’s statement in English strickly, he did say they would have no nuclear arms (or hopefully legs either). He didn’t say anything about nuclear weapons.

    (Sorry had to get it out of my system just this once. : ) )

  • Hello Everyone: Hears the deal. The Rus is he Rus and always has been and always will be. IF we dont get it by now..we are in big trouble. They are just in a “time out” for now.

  • “but I trust Russian President Vladimir Putin about as much as I trust an Iranian Ayatollah”
    Nobody really needed your trust. When Israeli officials kept saying they didn’t kill that waiter in Norway for 20+ years nobody trusted them either.