3 shots came from the direction of the cameraThanks to Littlegreenfootballs for pointing out that CAMERA has just published an up to date and fairly comprehensive overview of the debate over whether Mohammend al-Dura’s killing (Mohammed, if he actually existed, was the 12 year old who was or wasn’t shot dead, but whose actual or faked death was captured in a heart-rending video distributed worldwide) was an actual killing or was staged. At this point, there is no question that some fishy things are going on with the reporting. However, if the views of those who think this was staged are correct, this is almost too incredible to believe. I’m positive there are still many people around the world whose negative perception of Israel and the IDF has been directly affected by this story.

Edit: The excellent monthly, The Atlantic, has also covered the Al Dura cover up now.

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  • I remember when I first saw that video, and I had noticed that those bullet holes looked like they came straight on, rather than from the side, where the IDF was situated. I thought then that something was fishy. Perhaps I was right.

  • Geoff, you were absolutely right. Those bullets behind him were from straight ahead but the Israeli position was supposed to be on a steep angle on the cameraman’s right. Even if the bullets could have gotten around that concrete block, they would have hit the wall at an angle.

    The ugliest scenario is that if the boy was killed, and if he was killed by Palestinians, and if they were doing propaganda acting all that morning, did they kill him intentionally? That would be so depraved that I hope this was simply a staged event and nobody was killed.

  • C’mon TM,

    After the lynching of those IDF soldiers who got lost in Ramallah, I simply have lost the capacity to give the Palistinians the benefit of the doubt. I’ve been burned too many times applying my North American/PC/Give-Peace-a-Chance to the ME situation.

  • Take a look at the father’s eyes: he is terrified, looking straight at the palestinian cameraman. The bullet holes in the wall to their left are perfectly round. Obviously, whoever shot those bullets was standing right next to the cameraman.

    Also, people have accused the father of exposing his son to the bullets and that if he really wanted to protect him, he would have shielded him with his body. However, he was protected from Israeli fire by the concrete trash can behind which he is hiding. So his son is in the best position to be protected from the Israelis, shielded by the concrete barrier and his father’s body. But not from the palestinians, to whom he is completely exposed.

    Personally, I don’t think the child was shot at all. I think the whole thing was faked, for the simple reason that no footage of the child’s “death” exists. The coverup by France 2, the lies of the palestinian cameraman, and the threat of lawsuits prove it. If they had the real goods, they could prove their case against Israel just by making everyting public. Instead, they hide behind threats because they know that the whole thing is a lie and they will be exposed for the dirty, lying, anti-Semitic scum they are.

    This is atrocity propaganda of the first order: knowingly fabricated by anti-Semites and accepted at face value by gullible Westerm bleeding-hearts who want to atone for their colonialist past by sacrificing the Jews.

    However, it is just as possible that the child actually was murdered by the palestinians, deliberately sacrificed as a “martyr”. The palestinians have proven that they are willing to sink to to the lowest depths of depravity and do anything, no matter how inhuman, to advance their cause. What is one murdered child, more or less?

  • So Ephraim, tell us how you really feel about the Palestinians. You know, as was pointed out to me the other day, it’s important to place the word “some” in front of certain words…

  • TM, it is shocking that today, on the brink of peace, certain Palestinians will organize an attack like the one in Tel Aviv today. That is enough to give anyone a jaded view of Palestinians. It doesn’t make it right, but it explains the sentiment.

  • Yisrael,

    Of course it does. I’m angry as well and actually hadn’t heard about the attack until your post a few moments ago. I’ve just gotten off the phone with a couple of people in Tel Aviv to make sure they weren’t among the victims. It’s infuriating that they did this.

    However, I have to keep in mind that not all the Palestinians supported this attack and certainly not all of them organized it. That there are some among them who oppose this attack. That is my hope anyway.

  • Sorry, TM, hoping that there might be some decent palestinians in the mix doesn’t cut it. It just leads to murdered Jews. This is Avraham and Sodom and Gomorrah Redux. Where are the righteous men? Pro forma condemnations by Abu Whatshisface mean less than nothing.

    palestinian society, as an enity, is at war with Israel, regardless of how some individual palestinians may feel. The only way to find out if there actually are any palestinians who want to live in peace with Israel is to kill the ones who obviously don’t so the suposedly peaceful ones are free to speak their minds without getting killed as collaborators. They are clearly incapable of doing it temselves. If the “real” palestinians who want peace are really serious, they will welcome the IDF with open arms when they come to rid the palestinians of the terrorists.

    What’s that? palestinian pride will not allow such a thing? Oh, OK. I rest my case.

    The PA areas are the Augean Stables. Israel needs to start making like Heracles and the river.

  • Ephraim, you are not being pragmatic. Israel cannot kill the Palestinians in large numbers unless there’s a war. However, there will not be such a war because they are fairly successful at maintaining a civilian posture. Therefore, we need another solution. I mean, if today, out of vengeance, the IDF were to go into a Palestinian village and indiscriminately kill the same number of Palestinians as Israelis killed tonight in Tel Aviv, all that you would accomplish is to hand their terrorists a victory.

    We have to be smarter than that and we have to be smarter than them. We also have to be sure not to let their terrorism dictate our actions and our objectives. They wanted to create a rift between Abbas and Sharon, especially if they were sent by Hezbollah. So playing into their hands would be to go in there and blast them away with the IDF.

  • But this IS a war, TM. You are just too naive to see it.

    And why do you think I am advocating indiscriminate vengeance killing? I said dead terrorists, not dead civilians. The IDF knows where the PA, the Hamas, the Al Aksa Brigades are, and they know who they are. They can go after them and get them if they had the will to do it.

    A rift between Sharon and Abbas? Is this some sort of a joke? What kind of dream world are you living in?

    If the PA wants to actually have peace, they have to go after the terrorists themselves or Israel must do it for them. Abbas has already said he has no intention of disarming them. Why you seem to think that he actually wants to pursue a peaceful solution is beyond me. All of the evidence, including Abbas’ own statements, make it clear that nothing is further from his mind.

    In any case, whether he can’t or won’t rein in the terrorists is irrelevant. Jews get blown up and nothing is done. Waiting for Abbas to do something is just a recipe for more dead Jews. Enough is enough.

  • T_M,
    Why were all Egyptians punished by the plagues? Why did Hashem allow the Israelites free rein on their last day to simply walk into the regular Egyptian faimly home and walk out with whatever they choose to take?

    Because we are told that not ONE raised their voice/hand in defence of the Jews while they were around for the previous 220/400 years.

    I understand your unwillingness to blanketly accuse all Palestinians of direct involvement in the attack, but certainly if they are not demanding a change in the general hate-Israel – ‘kill the jews/itbach al-yahud’ mindset, then let them continue to sit in the stew they brew.

    you prove my point again that only liberally-thinking whackos think that a solution is walking into a village and killing Arabs, just not ‘pragmatic’. Sick, really sick.

    If you haven’t noticed, Israel has been at war for the past 4.5 years, over 1000 Israelis have been KILLED and about 5000 INJURED, many permanently. Are you still saying, give Mazen a chance? By tomorrow morning, Israel should demand from Mazen, not ask, DEMAND, immediate actions from Mazen.

    When are you going to understand? 1000 Jews/Israelis KILLED!!!

    One thousand. Can you picture all those people back alive in a large convention hall? Can you picture all the thousands of people permanently maimed, scarred, physically and mentally all rehabilitated and functional filling a small college arena?

    When are you going to realize that leaving Gush Katif and North Shomron is a prize to terrorism?

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